Things Every City Girl Needs

Every girl who lives in the city needs and wants certain things, and there a few staple pieces out there that they all need. Even when all the trends come and go, there are still a few classic pieces that will remain timeless. These eternal fashion items are in every city girls wardrobe, under her bed, and strewn across her dresser. If you are living in the city and don’t have these items, then it’s time to get them! Whatever your tastes may be, if it’s the newest thing in the stores, or throwback vintage pieces, there are some things that we all have. Read on to find out what your missing out on, or what you need to become a city girl yourself. Your wardrobe says so much about yourself, so make sure it say the right thing about who you are.

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Will These Jewelry Trends Continue In 2018?

Jewelry, like everything related to fashion and style, has trends. There are the eternal pieces that will always be right up to the moment, and then there are the passing fancies, which you wear for a season and then forget even existed.

2017 has seen plenty of these trends when it comes to jewelry. Once more, the inspiration has been gleaned from the catwalk, spilling into malls and -- eventually -- the jewelry boxes of millions of women across the land. So which of the trends of 2017 look like sticking around, and which have only a few more weeks until they become last year’s news?

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