Restaurant: OCD TLV


Tirtsa St 17, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Price: 370 NIS per person, 257 NIS per person for wine pairing

To celebrate our first wedding anniversary, we grabbed a spot on the bar at OCD TLV to have one of the best meals Tel Aviv has to offer.

The way OCD works: arrive on time for your tasting menu to begin, as all guests are served at the same time. You all sit on a high bar that surrounds a big, stunning kitchen to give you that ultimate ‘chefs table’ experience. According to their website, dinner is 16-20 plates. But after the first few dishes you honestly lose count, but also hope that the delicious dishes keep on coming.

Chef Raz Rahav leads a team of professional and super friendly chefs who prepare dishes right in front of you, serve it with an explanation and sometimes with fun facts and info about ingredients. It’s SUCH a good experience, especially in contrast to most Tel Aviv restaurants having such awful service. I love how you feel part of your meal, and how each dish starts with a proper intro.

Here’s what dinner on September 3rd, 2019 looked like -

To start off the meal, we were served something insanely light and cleansing - fig leaf sorbet with burnt sage and grapes. The fig leaf sorbet was so delicious, I’d eat it on its own in a cup, and the burnt sage reminded me of, well, smudging.

For amuse-bouches, we were served 3 tartlets: corn with shiso, melon with aioli and yellowtail bresaola, and pumpkin with cured lime and zaatar. Little bites of crunchy heaven.

Then we moved on to two dishes, both the highlights of my meal: tomato consommé with ginger, mustard greens and roasted tomato oil served with a black lentil taco with crispy corn and wood sorrel and then the marinated amberjack with plum and buttermilk. I’d take any of these dishes any day of the week - the black lentil taco that was served alongside the consommé being my #1 bite of this entire meal. Someone please tell their head chef to do a taco night.

Along with the marinated amberjack, we were served a bite of dehydrated beet juice with shallots and cured grey mullet.

To end the first half of our meal, we got some fresh, piping hot parkerhouse rolls with whipped green tomato cream.

The first dish of the second half of our meal was steamed trout with fig, beans and smoked fish bone broth, it also came with a horseradish leaf on top for a nice, subtle kick. Next came a zucchini flower and baked zucchini with sheep cheese, pistachio and lemongrass. While most of the guests had the meat main of roasted duck (aged in house), my main was more fish - grouper with celery root and Persian lemon powder with an insanely delicious side of cabbage, also with celery root and Persian lemon powder. This part of the meal ended with puffs made of aged (9 months) goat cheese.

This meal ended with aerated watermelon parfait with kalamata olives and yogurt. And the big dessert moment was the raspberry with zaatar and pumpkin seeds.

Finally, we left in a really similar place to the tartlets we began with - 3 bites. Corn marshmallow, peanut truffle and cherry pit choux.