Coffee Guide: Bordeaux

To be honest, France is all about the pastries, cheese and wine - not the coffee. I tried finding myself in the specialty coffee scenes in Paris and in the South of France and didn't really find much. So, I guess I didn't really know what to expect from the coffee scene in Bordeaux... But it’s safe to say that I was blown away. So much so that I am writing up a guide. Where Paris is still figuring it out and Nice has a long way to go, Bordeaux is a total winner.

L'Alchimiste Coffee Shop

12 Rue de la Vieille Tour

This charming coffee shop was opened in 2014 as a roaster, just selling the beans without a coffee shop to serve coffee in, yet. Today their coffee shop meets coffee boutique is located on a pretty cobblestoned street right in Bordeaux's city center. There you can enjoy your coffee outdoors, indoors, or even in their tasting room upstairs.

SIP Coffee Bar

69 Bis Rue des Trois-Conils

Right in the heart of Bordeaux, across from one of my favorite boulangeries in town, lies a spacious. pretty cafe called SIP. When I walked in, it instantly reminded me of an Australian-style coffee shop (after a quick Google, I learned I was right!) in the way that its incredibly coffee-focused and very friendly at the same time. This beautiful coffee shop was our very first stop, and first morning coffee, in Bordeaux and it gave us the warmest welcome.

La Pelle Café

29 Rue Notre Dame

Located in the historic wine merchant quarter of Chatrons you can find La Pelle Café. A roaster/café with fantastic coffee, service and cakes in one fantastic space. You can tell (and taste) this coffee shop is all about the quality

On my list, to check out next time:

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