Travel Diary: Nice

Well, it’s safe to say that this entire weekend in Nice was filled with surprises…

The first surprise being this trip. I was told I was flying, when I needed to be at the airport and what to pack. But I didn’t even know that Nice was the destination until I was standing in the security line at the airport. That in itself is an experience I loved. And then discovering that I was going to Nice - eek! A glamorous and dreamy city in the south of France, right on the famous Côte d'Azur. It was a 3.5 hour flight filled with tons of excitement and lots of research.

This historic French seaside city is just as lovely as one can imagine. And being there in August was just the best. The city was filled with people enjoying the last month of summer holiday by relaxing in the sun, laying out on the stone beaches (more comfortable than it sounds). For us, it was almost as though since everyone was on the beach, there were less crowds inside the city.

Where We Stayed

Mercure Nice Centre Notre Dame
Right in the city center, next to all the good shopping and the amazing Notre Dame of Nice. Bonus - there’s a rooftop pool.

What We Ate

Pastries, baked goods, breads, cheeses, and seafood. All washed down with French wine. Safe to say we didn’t hold back, or waste any meals, when it came to the food we had in Nice.

Here are my highlights:

  • Jan
    A 1 Michelin stat restaurant with a fabulous lunch special
    12 Rue Lascaris

  • Boulangerie Jeannot
    Get the flan and fruit tarts.
    8 Rue Saint-François de Paule

  • Boulangerie Blanc
    Go for a cheese and fig sandwich and a macaron.
    10 Rue Alexandre Mari

  • DĂ©li Bo
    A great spot for an afternoon coffee or a late lunch.
    5 Rue Bonaparte

  • Workhouse CafĂ©
    Grab a coffee and sit for a while.
    64 Boulevard Risso


I woke up on my birthday to anther surprise - we were off to lunch outside Nice, in a magical little town called Eze. Eze is best known for its view of the sea from its hilltop, and I was most in love with the sea breeze that drifts through the entire medieval town.

My birthday lunch was at the unbelievable La Chèvre d’Or restaurant.

This meal was perfect. Everything from the view to the service was impeccable, and then there was the menu… What isn’t a surprise is that this restaurant has 2 Michelin stars. But what was a surprise… Right before our main dishes came out, S asked me to marry him. Nope, I didn’t see it coming. But looking back, it was the most perfect place for a proposal. 💖

So, we’re after the most amazing and important lunch of our lives… What next? We hopped on the train for a drink in Monaco. This was maybe the only part of the trip not planned by either one of us, but we were just 20 min away from Monaco and neither of us had been… It was kind of meant to be.


Ok, I don’t have any recommendations to share since we only spent 3 hours walking around. It was a Sunday so a lot was closed. But Monaco still didn’t disappoint. It’s one of those places that photos don’t do justice. I think the bottom line is if you’re headed to the South of France, go and spend the afternoon in Monaco. It’s right there and it’s so special.