My Week in Vilnius

Vilnius is amazing and is definitely worth a visit. It’s picturesque, beautiful, clean, filled with history and not so filled with tourists. From the really special bohemian republic of Užupis to the beautiful architecture of Old Town, it’s really just the perfect city break.

Just a wee disclaimer: I’ve been twice, for work. I’m lucky enough to work with a team of wonderful people based there - without them I may have never even made it to Vilnius in the first place! I was also lucky enough to have the time to do some exploring as well. Especially during my summer visit, when the sun set at 11:00 pm, I had tons of time to wander and explore in the daylight after a full day in the office.

I didn’t know much about Vilnius, but I did know that Užupis is a must and that there is an incredible street art scene - so this was my focus. But I quickly learned that Vilnius is a really walkable city, so I ended up seeing A LOT just by walking to see a mural or find a coffee shop. Then I had to cross town again to get to Užupis. It really worked out.

For street art, instead of doing a tour, a coworker and I followed this guide (PDF). It’s from 2017, so new work may have popped up since.