Travel Diary: One Day in Barcelona

Barcelona is a magical city filled with the most amazing architecture, food, shopping and people. When I realized that I could actually get to Glasgow from Tel Aviv with a day in Barcelona for less money than a one-stop flight (as direct as it gets) just to Glasgow - it was just worth spending a day in this wonderful city.

Being my second time in Barcelona, I knew my way around. But this time I got to experience Barcelona in the rain. For some that might be a bit of a bummer, but for me that just meant: less crowds.

Where I Stayed:
I stayed at the Praktik Garden Hotel. The room I stayed in was TINY, but I spent less than 12 hours there. When I went back to pick up my cases after my day out and about, I did have a chance to explore the building in daylight a bit and it was really cool.

Even though I arrived super late at night, I got an early start and walked over to Nomad Coffee Lab for a gorgeous morning cappuccino. It’s one of my favorite spots in Barcelona - and they really know their stuff when it comes to coffee.

I originally stopped at Satan’s Coffee for just the coffee. I then discovered the restaurant I intended to visit after was closed, so I stayed at Satan’s for lunch. And I’m glad I did. The Japanese influences in the food make this cafe’s menu extra special. All I had was an egg salad sandwich but it was anything but boring.

The Bottom Line:
Barcelona is always a good idea. Even if you just have the day - go.

I also always enjoy the shopping - from the Zaras and Mangos on every corner that are filled with unique items to the food markets that pop up everywhere, it’s a place to browse, explore and score great buys.