Add Some Zen To Your Living Room With Feng Shui



The living room is one of the most relaxing rooms in any household. After the bedroom, it should be the comfiest room in the whole house so that it provides you with a sanctuary in which you can relax after a busy day in the office. And what better way to make your living room relaxing than by adding plenty of zen to it? There’s no better way to add some zen than by following the rules of feng shui - a Chinese philosophical system that brings harmony and certain energies to the surrounding environment. Ready to bring plenty of relaxing energy into your home? These tips should help to get you started.


Clear The Clutter

First and foremost, a feng shui room is not a cluttered room. All of the mess and junk in your living room will be breaking up any important energy and flow, so you need to clear out any objects and items that you don’t really need. And I don’t mean cleaning up any messy items - is there anything in the room that you never use or need? Take it out and put it into a cupboard or elsewhere - you should have the bare minimum in your living room to keep it clutter-free.


Know Where To Place Furniture

According to feng shui, there are specific places for each piece of furniture that your living room will have. For instance, TVs are meant to go against the north wall as this is thought to bring luck to your career. A piece of furniture that you can relax on, such as these bean bags or a sofa, should be against a wall opposite the main entrance into the room so that you can see everyone who comes in.


Add Plenty Of Shapes

The best way to decorate a room is to use plenty of color to add warmth and personality. But you shouldn’t forget about using shapes as well. In fact, if you ask any follower of feng shui, they will tell you that shapes are just as important as colors. A good mix of different shapes can bring a lot of positive energy into your room, so don’t just stick to one type of shape.


Create A Flow

A good feng shui living room needs to have a good flow. A good flow helps the energy in the room to flow in a smooth way throughout the room. A good way to figure out whether or not your living room has a good flow is to try and picture water flowing through it - would there be any blockages? If so, then these could also be blocking the flow of energy through your room, so it’s important that you try and remove them. As well as a clear flow through the room, the energy should be able to get to every corner to fill the room with all of its positivity. Once you start to add some feng shui philosophy to your room, you’ll be able to instantly feel the zen!


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