The Perfect Lamp

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I remember strolling through Jaffa's flea market and coming across a lamp just like the one in the first image. It was sitting in the middle of a shop crowded with furniture and odd pieces galore, but this lamp caught my eye. When I went in to check it out, I noticed the lamp's shade had a burn and I knew I'd need to get a new one, but otherwise - the lamp was perfect. To this day I wonder why I didn't buy it - the price was a bit high, and I remember wondering how on earth I was going to schlep it around the rest of the day and then back to my Tel Aviv flat. I also remember wondering whether or not my roommates at the time would like it. 

After S and I moved in together and we started slowly decorating our flat, I remember going back to that same shop to see if they still had the lamp (or anything else cool for that matter). And sadly not - no lamp, no other cool items. 

That's just it with flea markets - you need to go ready to buy but not to have one particular thing in mind, since you never know what the sellers will have on display. 

Anyways, until I find my perfect lamp, I hope these photos give you some inspiration to find yours (if you haven't already) x