4 Tips To Successfully Work From Home


You guys already know, I spend the majority of my time doing social media-y and content-y stuff for a high tech company. Well, it's safe to say that is a thing of the past (until I find something new). Yeah, you guessed it: I got laid off. Layoffs suck, but they're a part of the worklife, especially when working on different products and for startups. As much as the experience is amazing, it's important to realize that products may close and startups can fail. Once this fact is accepted, I've found it much easier coping and moving on with the job search. Another amazing bonus for getting laid off? More BLOG TIME. 


On to the topic at hand; I'm currently working from home. 

The first few days were seriously amazing: binging Narcos in between sending CVs, heading to the gym whenever I pleased, perfecting my homemade matcha game. However, you get past the fun of staying home (after working in an office for the past two years with no break), and before you know it, you miss your routine. I'm a natural planner, so having a routine calms me down. Having a routine means you can do the necessary work, blogging, and fun stuff while ending the day feeling achieved. A routine lets you separate worklife from your homelife, maximizing productivity. So without further ado, here's my own routine:


Get up, get dressed, get out

I'm a morning person, and waking up at 7:00 am feels right to me. Waking up on the early side helps me get in the routine, and I recommend it because it puts me in my place. I then get dressed, put on my makeup, and get ready to leave even if I don't leave the house right away. I believe it's all in your head, and when you look like you're ready to conquer the world, you will. Getting out of the house before 10:00 am is another must; be active, run errands, start your work day at a cafe.


On today's to-do list

Organize everything you need to do in a list, or however you're most comfortable. The key is visualizing your daily tasks. You can even go one step ahead and time manage each task. I should also mention that this is a tip I use at work too. 


Find your productive space

Go on, Pinterest your ideal deskspace and make it happen. Just like you'd invest the time in making your office cubical the ultimate place to work, don't underestimate the power of having the best desk and place to work. Cafes are also a valid option! Just find your happy productive space so that your time will be maximized. 


Make time for fun

Go for a midweek brunch, treat yourself with that amazing blend at your favorite cafe, visit friends you've been meaning to see for ages, sign up for that new yoga class on the beach... This is your time to shine, and even if you're unemployed, you should most definitely make the time for some fun. 

Are you a home worker? Comment with any tips you'd like to add!