Feeling Terrible To Feeling Wonderful - It's In Your Power

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When it comes to living a higher expression of your life, many aren’t sure where to begin. Not only does one method which works for another have the chance of never working for us, but feeling ‘wonderful’ can be highly subjective. It’s easy to think that it all depends on mental state, outlook and purpose. While this is true to an extent, it’s not the whole story.


If you’ve found yourself slipping into periods of depression, prolonged unhappiness, lethargy or are simply unhappy with the choices you have made in life, you might be craving a change. It’s difficult to achieve anything, or head outside of your comfort zones if you’re struggling and feel trapped within certain parameters of difficulty. Luckily, this article exists with the intention of healing you, and helping you once again express the inner beauty you have. Part consists of attitude advice, part consists of physical advice, and the final part is mental.

Read on to receive the full picture. We truly hope it helps you on your journey.



Your attitude is something which is dynamic. It is something which must be calibrated every morning to keep it relevant. It’s something which must be maintained, because it’s natural for it to become flawed during the challenges of life. Some might suggest that you define your goals, so each day you know what you’re looking to achieve. This can be immeasurably helpful, but we’d suggest that doesn’t go deep enough into the issue. It’s important to assess and measure out your values. Values have a much deeper connection to your being, they are the measure by which you can direct your life.

For example, is it your value to live within the religious teachings of your faith? Are good family values of paramount importance to you? If you’re creative, is it important to discuss the intricacies of a social issue which can only be expressed through your particular talent? Then social good might be a value you keep, no matter the form it takes. These values can inform the bedrock of your personality, and because of that they are extremely useful. Take a day or two away from your smartphone, your computer and laptop, play some relaxing music and truly etch out your values, and try to live by them.

Don’t be afraid if these values change. Keeping a fit and healthy body at all times might be flexible if you have recently broken a leg, or need rest after coming down with an illness for example. Make your values work for you. That’s what they’re there for, after all.


Keeping Fit & Healthy

You simply cannot be the best version of you if you’re overly overweight or are not in good shape. The beauty of this is that anyone can become fit, it just takes effort, humility and patience. It’s almost hard to measure the difference between someone who is fit and healthy, and someone who isn’t. That’s because the person who is fit and healthy will often be so much more engaged in life, happier in the outcomes of their life, able to affect change and generally positive overall that judging between the two can seem obvious.

If you don’t exercise, you should. A sedentary life is dangerous for your heart, your mental functioning and your purpose. However, there is more to being fit and healthy than simply getting enough exercise and eating well, even if those are the core components. Make sure you’re not suffering from any health issues by getting regular full checkups at your health practitioner's office, or paying for a full check up at your local hospital. Regularly check your breasts or testicles for cancer lumps, and inform yourself of symptoms you might be experiencing.

It could be that small-scale yet annoying health issues are scuppering your health. For example, irritable bowel syndrome is something that can affect everyone, but can be completely inconvenient for people unlucky enough to experience it. Checking resources to deal with conditions like these, such as this website, will help you stay informed and in tune with your health requirements. This is important as you age, because you will begin to develop habits to correctly identify and assess health conditions early, and manage them effectively.


Mental Burden

Mental burdens occur through all stages of life, and they can come from any angle. Sometimes, it’s easy to wonder how you made it through a select scenario with all the difficulty you had faced. Still, it’s important to understand the benefit of simply developing a psychological defence system in order to feel amazing. Some people use religion, some people stick to philosophical disciplines such as Stoicism, and some people are simply good people, and use kindness as a measure of inner beauty. Still, it’s important for everyone to develop the ability of taking a mental break from time to time, in order to let your mind relax and come back to its senses.

One of the best ways you can do this is to practice Yoga, or Vipassana (mindfulness) meditation. By sitting in place for twenty minutes a day, and focusing on your breath as the anchor, you can develop a wonderful insight towards achieving inner peace. This might be expressed in a variety of ways, from becoming more present and able to navigate conversations, to managing the stress of your busy office job more successfully. In some places it’s even reported to alleviate depression, but we’ll leave that statement to those who are more scientifically or experientially qualified.

Your mental process will continue throughout the whole of your life, so giving it a break outside of sleeping through this method can help you once again return to your best self, because by going out of your mind you come to your senses.

With these tips, feeling wonderful and once against comfortable in your surroundings should be yours for the taking, even after experiencing a period of overt stress or hardship.


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