Will These Jewelry Trends Continue In 2018?



Jewelry, like everything related to fashion and style, has trends. There are the eternal pieces that will always be right up to the moment, and then there are the passing fancies, which you wear for a season and then forget even existed.

2017 has seen plenty of these trends when it comes to jewelry. Once more, the inspiration has been gleaned from the catwalk, spilling into malls and -- eventually -- the jewelry boxes of millions of women across the land. So which of the trends of 2017 look like sticking around, and which have only a few more weeks until they become last year’s news?


Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings have been everywhere in 2017, with their popularity dominating seemingly at every turn; they have even been deemed the new "it" bag by wgsn.com, such is their hold over the 2017 jewelry market. There’s no doubt that tassel earrings look great, are easy to style, and give a touch of fun without venturing into the realms of being outright costume-like-- but are they going to stick around? Yes.

When the general public takes an item to their hearts the way they have with tassel earrings, there’s no way that trend is going to fall away in a single calendar year. If you don’t yet have a pair, then go to evulfi.co.nz to scope out a pair of earrings that will still be in style throughout the forthcoming year.




Chokers; you either love them, hate them, or wear them out of some misplaced nostalgia for the 90s. Yes, 2017 was the year when the necklace that no one had spoken of for two decades suddenly made a roaring comeback. The question is, will chokers stick around? No.

Chokers look great, there’s no denying that. They can slim your neck and help to define your jawline, but they’re also incredibly uncomfortable, even when they fit well. While it’s fine to flirt with chokers on occasion, it doesn’t look like they will have the longevity to still be part of your Christmas party ensemble for 2018 like they have been in 2017-- so enjoy them while they’re here, as chokers’ days are numbered.


Mismatched Earrings

Admittedly, mismatched earrings have been a thing for awhile now, starting as a trend around 2016-- so they’ve already proved that they can go the distance. There’s something quaint and quirky about mismatched earrings, but do they have what it takes to make it through another year? Yes.

The benefit mismatched earrings have is that they are a style, rather than a particular piece of jewelry. This gives them greater longevity, as anyone who owns two pairs of earrings can sport this trend. While the look is appearing less and less on the runway, there’s still plenty of affection from this look from high-end designers, so don’t expect it to vanish anytime soon.


To Conclude - Clear the chokers out of your jewelry box and ready yourself for the next wave of trends set to hit next year. Hopefully, 2018 will be kind to fashion fans with some new trends that stick around and flatter the wearer.

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