Metallic Queen


Photo by Clem Onojeghuo

It is one of this year’s autumn and winter trends and it’s really shiny. It’s metallic. Versace is doing it and so is Chanel. A risky move, most renowned fashion houses have included it in their wardrobe in 2017 and the Golden Globes saw celebrities wearing it. Aren’t we glad, however? Who hasn’t wanted to look like David Bowie if only for a day.

Upside - you will most definitely steal the show. Downside - with such a shiny texture, it can be difficult to match with other items of clothing or accessories. Fret not, continue reading for all things metallic and for suggestions of ways to style metallic with metallic.


The Dress

Having been inspired by this year’s fashion trends, you have decided to go ahead and get the dress. It’s a huge moment in time, as you have never owned anything so attention-seeking before and you know it will take a couple of mojitos before you can go out wearing something that looks like it’s come out of Blade Runner. Trouble is, with you never having paid attention to anything metallic before, you don’t know where to start looking. Have a browse through these prom dresses. Their shape and colour are just to die for!

The Earrings

Combining metallic with metallic could be a bit over the top, but not if you are you and you are reading this post. Mixing metallic is not only adventurous but fab, and it says a lot about you. These Topshop Drop Earrings are both beautiful and elegant and guess what? They are metallic. They will do a great job complimenting the rest of your outfit.

The Bangle

Never underestimate the power of the bangle. Succinct, it adds a touch of delicacy to any outfit. This bangle by Pandora is not the most affordable, but being simple and beautiful, its style matches that of the earrings and it could be a great investment for a promising night out!

The Shoes

Remember too much metallic is not too overbearing if the colour of the shoes matches that of the earrings. That is why these metallic ankle-cuff sandals will be a perfect match to the drop earrings above. Wear them in style whilst trotting the streets of your city by night.

The Bag

The bag should be the accessory that brings the outfit together and wraps everything up. That is why we have chosen this metallic but minimalist bag from Zara. Its simple lines and beautiful front design will make your outfit stand out and add a touch of sparkle to your already subtly bright outfit.

Are you ready to glam up the night? The above suggestions will bring out the shiny you. Dare being a metallic queen? You will love the look once it’s all on you!

FashionArden Rubens