FALL 2017 | Elizabeth and James

Photos via Vogue Runway

Elizabeth and James RTW
Fall 2017
New York Fashion Week

Following a beautiful collection from The Row, and assuming that, of course, your closet will now be filled with all of the incredible coats shows, Elizabeth and James’ fall 2017 collection are just the clothes you’d need to make up the rest of your closet. I have always looked at Elizabeth and James as the little-sister-but-just-as-chic to The Row, yet this is the first time I really do see a proper connection between the two collections. Regardless if this was the Olsen’s intention or not, I love it. 

This collection may be quite a big deal for the usual minimalist who wears Elizabeth and James. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the colors and textures are brilliant however different from what we’re used to. But it’s those twists keep a brand alive, no? 

I know I’m looking forward to trying on those blush wool jackets (do I dare the orange?), and those cardigans can already consider themselves in my wishlist. However, it is the suits that are getting me most. xx