FALL 2017 | Calvin Klein

Photos via Vogue Runway

Calvin Klein RTW
Fall 2017
New York Fashion Week

Since news broke that Raf Simons would take the helm of Calvin Klein, I have been waiting patiently for his debut womenswear RTW collection. And boy, he didn’t disappoint in the slightest. Raf’s signature is just what Calvin Klein needed in order to hit the refresh button and get back to the top of the fashion chain. 

As I’m sure we all predicted, fashion week is proving to focus on the current state of the United States, and Raf stuck to that with this collection revolving around America. However, this collection is America viewed by an outsider. It’s the pop culture, the red white and blue, the stars and the stripes. 

I mean, the highlight look featured the American flag itself, complete with gold fringe. One could see it as a representation of the higher office, while one could see it as being the superficial details which America may symbolize to many. 

Menswear was a major influence and y’all know me - I’m forever a fan of Raf’s take on menswear. The collection featured another American classic - denim. And some of the denim-wear indeed is brilliant and strong (and quite a Calvin Klein staple). However, a major part of the whole collection is the element of deterioration; just look at the yellow fur coat. Deterioration. Now, that’s quite powerful. xx