TIPS & TRICKS | How To Be A Productive Blogger

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I recently hit a bit of a slump with everything. The combo of not working and the fun end of summer season (and comeback of many fall TV shows) resulted in just not doing anything whatsoever. And at the end of the day, that unaccomplished feeling just wasn't worth it (even the hours binging Narcos and Luke Cage). When I finally got around to signing on to blog after about two weeks of nothing, I saw a great dip in views and I instantly knew this had to change. I took a moment to reflect on the little things I do when I'm doing my best work - how do I stay productive? How to I keep motivated to blog, even when I'm distracted? What can I do to organize myself and move forward from here? If you've ever asked yourself these questions, or if you may be facing the same issue as me right now... I dedicate this blog post to you.

What do you want to accomplish in one month? Six months? A year? This is vital information which should be written down someplace visible. You should take your goals seriously, and while you can definitely modify your goals along the way, sticking to each goal is the best way to ensure you'll achieve it. When creating a goal, keep your audience in mind. Set goals based on your blog's trending content and popular posts, matching numbers to those of the popular post, and start blogging from there!

I'm a total list freak, I'll admit it. I make a daily to-do list even on the weekends. And it took me a while to realize that these lists actually are one of my strongest traits. A to-do list can come in form of what you need to do every day for the blog, what you need to do every week for the blog, and what needs to be done this month on the blog. Similar to writing down your goals, this is where you get to go down into the details and write out the steps on how you'll achieve those goals. 

Oh my gosh, I can not express how much making and maximizing editorial and content plans is helpful. This is actually a tip I picked up in the workplace, as creating plans for social media platforms featuring various campaigns became a big part of my everyday work-life. And I saw firsthand how easy and simple it made the "busy work" part of actually writing out the content, choosing images, and posting/scheduling. I have a monthly editorial plan for each month, featuring whatever is going on in 'my' fashion world - fashion weeks, fashion news, holidays, campaign releases, big red carpet events, etc. I know this sounds like a big task, but give yourself a few hours to create the first one, and watch how everything else will become so much easier. 

I honestly can't remember being a blogger before the days of scheduling. I mean, this is how you can sit for one or two productive hours and crank out  five or six blog posts like it's nothing. Then you may schedule them as per your posting schedule, and voila, you're good to go. As for social media posts, I use Buffer which truly makes life easier. Scheduling is always the last step before I can stop for a second and say "ah, mission accomplished for today.", and I suppose that's why I look forward to scheduling most. 

How do you maximize your productivity? I look forward to reading all of your tips and tricks! xx