SPRING 2017 | Brock Collection

Photos via
Brock Collection RTW
Spring 2017
New York Fashion Week

Here we are again; "enjoying" an end of summer heatwave, shopping for fall/winter, and viewing spring collections. This is precisely how the fashion calendar works, and yet I'm finding myself confused about seasons, but mostly excited for the seasons to come. And per usual, first stop: NY. 

I must admit, I'm new to Brock Collection. My intro is largely due to the strong #frowoffbloggers, using Instagram Stories (mostly) to document the show. Seriously, whomever put those fboggers in the frow... I applaud you. This is how a successful blogger x brand combo works. 

Brock Collection's spring 2017 collection is a show of ladylike looks and silhouettes, featuring delicate florals, stripes, and étoiles. Looks featured those strong yet flouncy ruffled off-the-shoulder blouses and dresses we're currently seeing in stores, yet here the strong yet flouncy ruffles make their way to the skirts. The colors in this collection are soft, airy, and just quite lovely. Overall, I'm happy to be acquainted with Brock Collection. But you know what? At the end of the day, I am going to love any collection which makes pajamas look chic. How could anyone not love that? xx