HOW TO: Work Full Time and Blog

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A tough one, I know. I know many bloggers who stopped blogging after starting a full time job. I also know many people who should and want to have blogs, but are unable to make the time to start one. Because we all know too well, it's not just the blog + work. It's work, with some overtime here and there, the stress from deadlines, and work events. Oh, and a social life beyond work. It's certainly draining. But I think it all has to start with step one:

Love it
Breathe it, embrace it, integrate it into your life. Guys, I work full time and then some, and as much as I do truly love my job, the blog is where my heart is. Loving the blogging world, fellow bloggers, creating posts, and networking - this is all so important to being able to balance having a blog with everything else in a successful and stress-free way. 

Dedicate time
Even when you hardly have the time in the first place, try to find the time anyways. And no, it's not as hard of a task as it sounds. I'm currently writing this post with my Saturday morning cup of coffee. I also got some blogging time in yesterday, after a good gym workout. Besides weekends, I have one day midweek where I owe myself a solid 40 minutes of blogging. While 40 minutes doesn't sound like much, you'd be surprised how much you can really get done when you know it's all you got. Once you get this in the groove of your weekly schedule, you'll soon find that maximizing this time gets simpler and easier. 

Create flexible goals
Creating goals is a vital part of blogging part time. Give yourself a weekly or monthly post goal, and try to create and schedule as much as you can in the start of the month. But learn that schedules can change, and that's totally ok. Be flexible with yourself and always adapt your goals according. If something big pops up one week, and you're unable to blog: no worries. Nothing is set in stone, and you can always jump back when you're able to. Again, I really preach flexibility with yourself. Blogging is an incredible source of stress relief for me, but if I get stressed over not reaching my monthly blog goals, it's not worth it. Learn to embrace this. 

Remember why you're here
You blog because you're passionate about something. You love that you're able to share your passions with an audience of readers. Seriously, it's an incredible gift we have the internet to thank for. But when things outside of your blog-life get hectic and you feel like you want to give up blogging, remember not to lose sight of why you blog. I know it's easy to be overwhelmed and stressed, especially when you just need to prioritize things before your blog. Re-finding the joy in blogging can come from connecting with users, reading comments on your posts, joining twitter #fblogger chats, etc. Do it. It's worth it, if you love it. xx