Monday, September 7, 2015


The peony. Photographed by Clive Nichols. also here

... and I'm back!
It's funny how I just knew how much I'd miss blogging during my time away - I was truly spot on! I would often come across a link that would be a great theme for a post and then go "aw, no... I'm on break" or I'd see the coverage of Stockholm Fashion Week and feel sad not to be able to write about it. However, I definitely didn't torture myself by not blogging - for the big picture, a break was so needed. I moved apartments. Also, I started a brand new job, as you may know, and it required the majority of my attention now. These two reasons have been the tip of the iceberg really, but I'm happy to say: my shit is back together! I'm ready to jump back into the game!
You may notice a difference though - as I do have a bit less time to spend on posts and since quality > quantity, expect less. I also won't cover fashion week daily as I was used to. But anyways, still, so happy to be back. 

On to the links that kept me going recently:

- The ever so stunning street style via Stockholm Fashion Week, for Vogue Runway.
- I got a haircut, ah! I'm still thinking of going shorter. Thoughts?
- Dear blood orange (no bake!) cheesecake, get in my belly!
- Is anyone watching Fear the Walking Dead? Who do you pick as a major survivor?
- I LOVE it when Topshop does cutout sandals
- The prettiest mani ever, right now. 
- A super gorgeous midi-dress! Wear during warmer days, or just throw on a jacket when it gets a bit cooler. 
- Understanding UX made easy, via
- Apartment need: a studded lamp
- The craziest Jon Snow theory yet, that I will actually be very excited to see true. (spoilers!)

What links have kept you reading lately? Do share!

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PS - I'm currently traveling around Barcelona and Catalonia. Check out my latest Instagrams x


  1. Love the concept of this post & all the links you shared!! So awesome!

  2. it is good to have you back beauty! And love your hair and that mani is indeed super different and cool!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Welcome back !

  4. love it

  5. Good to have you back!
    Awesome lamp, btw. But I'm not going to read the John Snow theory because I still haven't finished the last season. Although I have already heart some things...

    Have a nice day!


  6. Welcome back!!! :) Sometimes breaks are necessary. :) great links!!!

  7. I like it, very cool!

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    If you need something or want to follow each other, let me know! :)

    Enjoy your day sweetie!
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  8. Cool look! Have a nice day :)

    Can you follow me back?
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  9. Love the hair! Congrats on all of the changes and welcome back!

    Wishes & Reality