Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Think: it's late afternoon, on a cool summer's day. What could be cooler than a cuffed light moto jacket, a slouchy tee, cropped jeans, nude sandals, topped off with a Chanel bag? No, nothing is cooler. Here's how you can get this look:



Sunday, July 26, 2015


Melissa Diamantidi S/S 2013
Without doubt, it's been an great week. Linking away...

- Wait, Theory Spring 2016 Mens is using female models models. Does this mean the amazing blazers will be in my size? Please?
- No big deal, it's just the backpack of my DREAMS (here).
- It's all about the Art of Antipasti.
- Art: these insanely gorgeous paintings-over-magazine-editorials as featured in Please Magazine.
- Loving a polka dotted manicure! For best results, use essie's Devil's Advocate and She Said Yes.
- Let the obsession with laced up flats continue... with these.
- Summer entertaining? You need this easy white sangria. I know you do.
- What makes a good designer collaboration? Fashionista has answers.

How's your weekend been? Any good links to shoot my way? xx


Friday, July 24, 2015

WISHLIST: Summer Classics

summer look

1. Proenza Schouler | Stripped Tee
2. AG | Denim Shorts
3. Ray-Ban | Clubmaster Sunnies
4. Vita Fede | Double Cube Earrings
5. Bobbi Brown | Nail Polish
6. Converse | Chuck Taylor Sneakers
7. Kate Spade NY | Tally Pineapple Clutch

Monday, July 20, 2015

4 Things To Do When You Start A New Job

More photos here

So, you know how I've been uber secretive about something... How I kept saying "changes are upon me, but I'll tell you more later...". Yeah, I totally scored a new job. And I'm very nervous. 

I've been working (at my now previous company) for two and a half years. Not a very long time, but definitely long enough for me to feel like change was due. I'm off to be a social media specialist for what seems to be my dream company. Yeah, it's amazing and it's a brilliant next step in my career. I'm very blessed. I'm also very excited. But I'm also SO anxious. 

I haven't been a new employee in a while, so, I am making this list with hope it'll help get my shit together prior to my first day at the new job. Also, I thought this may come in handy for any of you going through the same thing. If you are, also please feel free to share your own tips. 

1. First thing's first - ask. 
Someone great once said "you never know until you ask". Yeah, corny but so true. Even if in your head the question may seem stupid, it's better you ask as you'll avoid future mistakes. This being said, after you ask you should be writing down the answer and you should be learning from the answer. Don't ask the same question more than once (in special cases, no more than twice). I've been on the answering side quite a few times, and when I see the person 1. not taking notes on my answers and 2. asking me again and again, it's just annoying. 

2. Notes are everything. 
An old boss taught me this: take notes on everything, always. During meetings, but also during your own work time. Create to-do lists, and document any issues you come across along the way. This will make you more aware of the smaller but very important things, this will make sure you rarely forget to do something, and it's a great way to manage your time. Your first month is the most crucial time for you to be taking notes - you don't want to miss anything, especially if the person training you will be leaving soon enough. Write down everything from the new programs you're going to use, to the names of your new colleagues and their positions. I can't express the importance of this enough! It'll make you a much better employee in the long run, trust me. 

3. Make friends. 
This is supposed to be the fun part, that's obviously easier said than done. But throughout the stress and the nerves that come with a first day, shake it off (especially during lunch hour) and introduce yourself to everyone. Be very friendly, and get allies (sorry if this is a negative-ish way to call work friends, but it's what they are...) as soon as possible because... they can help you out with the small stuff as well as make your time fly by. 

4. Remember why they hired you. 
You were hired because you obviously know your shit. Your new company wants you because they know (or at least, because they have a really great feeling) that you can achieve great results with and for them. But don't look at this as pressure, look at this as a great way for you to grow. Take everything professionally and with grace, smile a ton. Oh, this really sounds corny (I'm actually rolling my eyes writing this) but it's soooo true. Be the person you were in the interview until you find your place, and then just keep on moving forward. :)

Finally - GOOD LUCK. You can totally do this. xxxx


Thursday, July 16, 2015


photographed by Steven Winston
SHIRT: GAP | High Neck Tank Top
NECKLACE: c/o Happiness Boutique | Glam and Glitter Statement Necklace

We took the day off and went to Machane Yehuda market in Jerusalem. I can't believe how long it took for me to get there, as it's the most amazing market! The fruits and veggies are all so fresh and so cheap, and the many food stands are all delicious. Once we arrived, we had coffee on the mind - then we actually ran into a branch of my favorite coffee spot ever (Cafelix! Remember?). Afterwards we searched for the super recommended bakery called Marzipan, hope of the best rougalach ever (pic). Has anyone been to the Machane Yehuda market before? xx


Tuesday, July 14, 2015



Wondering what all of the cool girls are wearing? Loving this new collection by Free People, typically super boho and now super city chic (still boho, but prettier than usual, dare I say).

Shop some of my favorite Free People here:


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Christian Dior Fall 2015 Couture

Photos via

Christian Dior Fall 2015 Couture. 

So, this is Raf "Fighting out of Dior's DNA". Thoughts on this statement? 

My own thoughts are as follows:
I do admire this collection, as I find the sort-of obsession with the sleeve fascinating. I love the play with the sleeve against the human form, truly showing what an amazing eye Raf has. Those coat/cape pieces are an awesome twist, as heavy as I'm sure they are, they beautifully look as though they are floating. I love the connection to nature in this collection, the floral prints being one of my favorite Raf signatures. I love the medieval dresses; obviously short, cute, and modernized and yet I'd totally feel like a Guinevere wearing one.

Raf is amazing for bringing something new to a brand that is so recognizable (for example, I say "New Look + Dior" and we all think directly of this). And that special thing Raf does bring is a great respect for minimalism, that less is more (even in couture). This greatly speaks to the minimalist within me, and it is refreshing. xx


Wednesday, July 8, 2015



Finding your audience, producing quality content, and gaining a steady stream of hits are all goals, and all will come with time. Yes, that's right - if you don't have about an hour a day of full, 100%, great productive time for your blog, you won't see results as fast as someone who does invest the time. I'm grateful to have had the quality time in the past six (OMG, six!) years to not have to spend as much time on the blog anymore while still seeing results. There's an awesome sense of accomplishment that comes with this feeling. 

The way you write your blog will often enough reflect how much you care about your blog. It's so important to remember that your blog should be a reflection of you, whether it's (for example) about fashion, beauty, or food. Even your quicky posts should always be done with care. Besides your words reflecting yourself, they should also follow SEO rules. Now, don't stress it! This is where you can get really creative. I advise you to learn the secrets of SEO, and make them a vital part of your online writing style.

Your blog is a brand. And this is something that has taken me forever to grasp, as how could my little side hobby be an actual brand? Well, whether you like it or not, people will recognize your blog by the blogs name and logo firstly. Your brand name and logo should reflect the blog you are, and should work to draw in your audience naturally. If you're a minimal fashionista, make sure your logo is just that, while you keep the background as so and easy to navigate always. Getting your signature look in order is probably one of the easiest and also hardest parts of being a blogger. The greatest example I have of this is YOU. I know you, and I promise I check out all of your blogs (you should know, I do leave my comments) and you all are so very similar to me in style, it's awesome. Yes, I blame this on branding. 

Ugh, you know when you open a fresh new post, place your hands at your keyboard, and just have nothing? It's happened to me so often. And it sucks. I also don't believe it's beatable, but you can sure prepare for it. Guys, when you find yourself productive, don't just create one post and finish your blogging time. Create two, three, even four posts and keep them in your drafts. This will save you time later, and will get rid of the stress when you do fall under the writer's block spell. When you've got a strong drafted collection of good content on your side, writers block is nothing.

This is the best lesson I've learned from blogging, and it's best skill every blogger should learn. Blog genuinely and treat your readers as you would good friends. I promise that it comes across in each post, and it's amazing. Also, this will keep your readers coming and... it'll make you feel better at the end of the day too. Just give it a try and see for yourself.

Now, what have YOU learned from blogging? Share your tips and thoughts! xx