Saturday, January 10, 2015

Gal Halfon

Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce Gal Halfon (@GalHalfon1), a brilliant fashion designer from Tel Aviv. Gal hosted an amazing event + collection viewing which I sadly had to miss, but I stopped by the next morning for coffee and my own personal collection viewing. The meeting ended up lasting a few hours, as it's so easy to get lost in Gal's clothes - and it helps that Gal herself is such a joy to spend time with. 

Here are my favorite looks from the collection:

See? Told you so. The clothes are gorgeous. My favorite piece ever being a forest green sweatshirt, it had the coolest quilted details and it is so comfortable, cozy, yet acceptable to wear anywhere. You can dress it up and down equally as easy. I also love the colors in this collection, so winter appropriate but not at all dark! They are all so rich and elegant. The silhouette is easy going, effortless but still so poised and classy - classicly Gal! They are the easy kind of clothes to wear, the ones you throw on and then still rake in the compliments. Basically, the best kind of clothes; in the sense of every piece is so adaptable to your personal style, you're able to wear that same dress to work, on a date, and to an evening event and be the best dressed each and every time. 

As a part of her lifestyle, Gal also sells the best Voluspa candles. I mean, THE BEST. 
The Gal Halfon boutique is in the heart of the new Sarona neighborhood of Tel Aviv, a once German Templer colony in the late 1800's which today has been renovated into a lovely higher end outdoor shopping center. Go on, spend a Friday afternoon there. It's so lovely. Each boutique has the original architecture, it's absolutely awesome. And Gal's boutique definitely doesn't disappoint. She actually told me a bit about what it's like having a boutique in such an ancient building - it's not simple, but so worth it. 

And if I didn't sell you on stopping by at this point, let me tell ya this: the changing room is actually a little, pink circus tent. It's too cute. Please see picture below. 



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  2. so nice.. ;-))


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  3. Such a fab collection - thanks for sharing:)

    Heidi D.

  4. She has an amazing style <3
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog :)

    See you xx

  5. It's always interesting to read about new independent designers like Gal! I love the structured sweatshirt dress as well!
    Thanks a lot for your lovely comment on my blog, Arden!


  6. I'm so touched, I have no words! It was so fun having you at the store and I hope to see you again soon! Thanks for all your amazing support! xx

  7. Love the collection!
    Very nice blog by the way :)

    Kisses from Russia,

  8. Beautiful collection! I've never heard of this designer! Thanks for bringing her to my attention!
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  9. Looks sooooo chic! LOVVVVE that splatter paint dress!
    xoThe Beckerman girls

  10. Beautiful! Love her outfits xx

  11. Love the lace shirt, I have a few similar too :-)