Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015: The Year In Fashion

2015 has been a beautiful, and ever so controversial year. Here are my top moments:

1. Designer Departures
This current trend of designers leaving/getting let go from brands is something that I definitely remember 2015 by (assuming this trend stays in 2015). I mean, Raf Simons leaving Dior (eek), Alexander Wang and Balenciaga parting ways (no comment), and Alber Elbaz getting fired from Lanvin (terrible) which is only the peak of the major changes happening. At least this: the behind-the-scenes of the fashion world will never bore us!

2. Zoolander and Hansel for Valentino
We were all watching. We all freaked out. 

3. Details and Lucky printed their last issues
Two great magazines, both had great runs. They've both provided us with endless inspiration over the years, and in Lucky's case, it helped us through some high-school-fashion-crisis'. It is an odd thing, seeing magazines you consider to be stand staples stopping print. But this is the times we live in, and we need to accept it. 

4. More Goodbyes
Every year we lose some awesome brands and designers, sadly. But this year was especially harsh. We lost some of my major favorites: Jonathan Sanders to name-drop. And those are some major names... A bit sad, though this is how the business world works (and yeah, fashion is just that sometimes).

5. Hello again, Gucci
There was some change at the end of last year, a reminder, and when Alessandro Michele took over - well, it wasn't love at first sight. But it grew on me since January, so much so that if I were to make a big designer purchase in 2016, the chance is *very* hight it'll be Gucci. The fresh take on the classic brand is me falling in love with it all over again. 

So, what made your list? Do share. 

And have a brilliant, stunning, and extra chic 2016 xx


Monday, December 28, 2015

WHAT TO WEAR: New Year's Eve


1. ZARA | Oversized Blazer
2. LOEFFLER RANDALL | Rosa Mirror Leather Oxford
3. Narciso Rodriguez | Eau de Toilette
4. Essie | 'Licorce' Nail Color
6. Sam Edelman | Lucca Faux Fur-Trimmed Clutch
7. Celine | Gold-Tone Joe Round Metal Glasses
8. Clare V | Leopard Clutch
9. ACNE | Martha Oxford Shoes
10. TOPSHOP | Luxe Cashmere Mix Tights

Because flats are cuter than heels nowadays. Also, black + leopard + silver seems to be the only thing that makes sense to me for New Year's eve. What you're missing? That black dress sitting in your closet.

Enjoy xx

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

OBSESSED: Skinny Scarves

I'm not sure who to blame for my loving this trend - currently I'm between Prada and Saint Laurent (pictured). In any case, the skinny scarf has been around for what feels like ages, and only in spring 2015 did I start to actually *like* it. Enter winter 2015, and I can say I finally want one. Yes, a very slow, uphill climb for me and the skinny scarf. Nonetheless, I'm officially ready to buy. Lovely people - send me your skinny scarfed recommendations xx

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

WHAT TO GET: Secret Santa Gift Ideas (Under $30)


1. M&Co | Christmas Print Socks x3, $5 - for your coziest friend
2. Kate Spade | Jeweled Wine Bottle Stopper, $25 - for your wine lover friend
3. L'Occitane | Cherry Blossom Hand Cream (the good stuff.), $22 - for your bblogger friend
4. Kate Spade | Striped Thermal Travel Mug, $18 - for your most on-the-go friend
5. Essie | 'Really Red' Nail Polish, $8.50 - for your timeless friend
6. Voluspa | Macaron Two Wick Candle, $18 - for your chillest friend
7. Flight 001 | Scratch-Off Wall Map, $24 - for your jetsetting friend
8. ThinkGeek | R2D2 Lidded Mug, $10 - for your friend most excited about tomorrow (aka - me)

See? Secret Santa does not have to be hard, nor expensive. 
I feel like year-to-year, gifts are becoming more and more cute. My own issue is not buying everything to keep for myself at the end of the day. 
Are you getting any Secret Santa gifts this year? xx


Saturday, December 12, 2015



It's a chilly December weekend, and I'm spending more time than ever surfing the web.
Here are a few of my favorite things, at the moment:

- These are amazing!!!! The best Chocolate Caramel Tarts ever. I actually just made the filling and poured it into store-bought graham-cracker crusts. I know, I took the lazy way. But they came out heavenly, nonetheless. 
- "I sat down with a millionaire who operates 10 businesses while sailing around the world with his family" a great read, here
- Nails of now: Master Plan and Wicked by essie. Major love for the perfect winter colors. 
- The very best holiday ad, featuring Microsoft employees serenading Apple employees for 'peace on earth'. Love this, he he.
- Italy on my mind! (Spectre may have had something to do with this).
- Speaking of Italy... Gnocchi with Pomodoro Sauce is on tonight's menu.
- As everyone is getting the New Balances', I've decided to go for Keds. These Keds. (This is me rebelling).
- Is anyone else still OBSESSING over Jessica Jones? This article is brilliant at explaining what makes Killgrave the best yet. (spoilers)
- My Black Friday buys from Kate Spade: this wallet and this passport case. Can't wait for them to arrive! #fangirl

Hope everyone has a beautiful, warm weekend! xx


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December Interiors


"It's beginning to look a lot like..."
Yeah, it's totally holiday season. A season of love, happiness, and a great opportunity to decorate like a pro. Personally, no real décor for me at home. But around Tel Aviv, you can notice a great rise from year to year with the holiday décor. It's quite fun actually! 
Have you decorated yet? What is your favorite kind of holiday décor? xx