Tuesday, December 23, 2014

FAVORITES: Drugstore Beauty

Ok guys, here I'd like to share my favorite drugstore beauty products... And I actually do use almost all of these products on a daily basis.

I'm not one to wear lipstick from day-to-night, so if this is what you're looking for, I don't think this lipstick is right for you. This is one for those who wear lipstick only when we really have to, and wear it for a few hours. The texture is amazing, the color is just the most beautiful deep red. 

2. Garnier - BB Cream, $13.50
Since the rise of the BB cream, I started testing them all. I went through the L'Oreals, the Maybellines, the Cliniques... And here I ended up finding my match with Garnier, a nice surprise especially as it's quite inexpensive and is available even at the supermarket. Since trying this over a year ago, I use this every single day. This provides a really nice 70% coverage, it's soft and light, and helps clear up whatever blemishes I may have and highlights my face without making it oily. Highly recommending this product.

Not much more to say besides that it's simply the best mascara. Ever.

I need whatever I put on my face to last from 8 am until 10 pm, and this is how I succeed at doing just that. (However, touchups are required at least once in the middle.)

I find that most makeup removers dry out my face. These actually moisturize and make makeup removal something so much easier than you'd ever think. Though, I would not recommend using this instead of a cleanser - think of this as the first step in nigh time skin care, not a replacement for your traditional cleanser. 

Ok, so I admit that this Clinique concealer has my heart. But unfortunately it's not available in Tel Aviv. After I used every single last drop of my first choice, I came across the Fit Me concealer and I have to say, for it not being my number one, I'm very happy with it. It's very smooth and provides great coverage for both under-eyes and blemishes.

Perfect, spot on. Doesn't wear off. No complaints.

Unlike lipstick, I actually like this because I can eat my lunch and not have to worry about it. No touchups throughout the day. This is the best carefree way to have some color on your lips during the work day. It's easy enough to apply, the felt tip is everything. Love this product.

What are your top drugstore beauty buys? xx

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  1. So many great products with a good price. I also would love to try out this Kate lipstick, it looks gorgeous!


  2. Great products!


  3. Cool probucts!! I have the BB cream and I like it as well. And I really want to try products 6, 7 and 8!! They seem so cool!!!

    Thanks for the comment!! Happy Holidays!!


  4. fine pics.. ;-)

    new post

  5. how many great products..i like numb 1- 7 and 8

  6. I am completely obsessed with those make up removing wipes. Those are the only ones I love and will keep using them for a long time. Neutrogena makes amazing cleansers as well :)

  7. The first dark lipstick looks amazing! I just love a red lip, especially during the holidays!

    xx http://elineous.blogspot.nl/

  8. I use and love the BB cream, but I'm wondering about the lipstick...do you find it drying?

    Heidi D.

  9. I love the Maybelline fit me concealer!:)


  10. Loreal's Volume Millon Lashes is my favourite mascara for amazing coverage on a daily basis - it's a great buy!

    C xx

  11. Thanks for sharing dear! Great picks!
    Edwige | http://www.hypnozglam.com

  12. I'd probably buy the 7th one! Thanks for this :)

    Merry Christmas, Arden! :)


  13. Love the lipstick and a great price as well :)
    Merry Christmas! :)


  14. I use no. 3 and 4 myself! Great products!!
    Kisses Emina

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