Sunday, February 9, 2014

Travel Wishlist/Must Haves

1. Sofia Cashmere
4. Naked (Urban Decay)
5. Bobbi Brown
6. Charbonize
7. Vogue Japan
8. Olympia Le-Tan
9. EOS
10. Tumi
11. Duller
12. Asus
13. Friends

I'm flying to Miami bright and early tomorrow morning, and I just want to share some of the items I find necessary for one 16 hour flight (yes, it's that long of a flight from Tel Aviv).

  • Have your own blanket + socks to help you be as comfortable as possible on that packed flight.
  • Bring your travel-sized body lotion, fragrance, beauty balm, and brow gel in your carry on because you will need that pick me up as you're about to land. 
  • Ok, that Miami clutch is totally unnecessary - it's just so adorable - but do bring something to read, or look at. 
  • Have your laptop ready to go with a film and/or a few episodes of your current favorite series (House of Cards & The Walking Dead). 
  • Good headphones can make a bad flight better.

Don't forget to keep yourself hydrated, drink water like you're at the gym! Don't ever stress when you fly! And then, as you arrive, just throw on your sunnies and you'll look as good as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (yes, it's as simple as this).

Talk to you from Miami. xx


  1. Nice picks and tips! Have a good flight and a great time in Miami!
    - Cla


  2. I just met your blog and is so pretty. I invite you to visit my blog and if you want follow me on blogger! Kisses :)

  3. Oh this is fabulous! I'm flying pretty soon (8 hours not 16- wow that's a long flight) and this is great for my flight too!

  4. Great list, the mascara is a must - especially Bobbi Brown!

  5. Yes to all of these! Especially the headphones. I would absolutely die without them on a flight!


  6. love number 1, such a cute combo! Also, the bag is very nice, so cool and simple! Have a good flight then :*

  7. Totally in love with the portfolio laptop bag!

  8. Totally agree on the sunnies. It sure helped. Lippy is definitely a must as well as toothbrush and toothpaste. Else, some gums are great as well =)
    Have a safe flight to Miami.