Monday, February 11, 2013

wishlist - interiors (updated)

Ok, I have to say I'm completely flattered by everyone asking where I have been. And here it is - I'm moving into a new place! Finally! And I've also moved into one of my favorite cities in the world - Tel Aviv.
Plus, if all of this change isn't enough, I'm moving in with my boyfriend, for the first time.
This is exactly when change can be exciting, and fun. However time consuming. VERY time consuming.

Anyways, living with a man definitely has an impact on my interior style. I want less pink, more rugged and dark colors.
And I think it looks completely fabulous. Now for my updated interior wishlist:
1. Ander's Nightstand, via
2. Silver Cow Skull, via
3. Raleigh Sofa, via
4. Monique Lhuillier Place Setting, via
5. 10 inch Pillar Candlesticks, via
6. Silk Pillows, via
7. Alden Sideboard, via
8. Vintage School Globe, via
9. Cendese Italian Glass Lamp, via
10. Pomegranate Noir Candle, via
11. Figuier Colored Candle, via
12. Lido Couch, via



  1. Gorgeous items on your list Arden ! Love the pillows !

    XX Luba


  2. Ugh! In love with everything here! I desperately need new pillows too.. Mine are ok but are mismatched (not in the good way!). Funny enough, I have a very similar sofa and an actual cow skull my friend found in her moms backyard. Good taste ;)
    Love, Shushu

  3. well... I wouldn't mind having all of these details in my apartment, but my favourite details are those leopard pattern pillows.

  4. It's an exciting time isn't it? :)
    I absolutely love #7 and #8. A globe has been on my list for a while.
    Diana from

  5. hey! it's been a while since i stopped by but i'm glad to see you're still blogging! congrats on the move, i've heard great things about tel aviv! im loving your interior decor pics. you must post pics of the finished product after you decorate :)

    i just relaunched my blog, i would love if you would check out my new post! trying to get back into the blogging thing ;)


  6. Oh wow, those are such amazing picks! I love interior design, this is great :)

    Lots of love,

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