Saturday, December 1, 2012

Wang for Balenciaga?

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So, this is it everybody - the new era of Balenciaga is being led by none other than Alexander Wang.

I've followed Wang's career since '07, when I saw a little feature in Vogue of him as a young designer sitting next to Caroline Trentini wearing this incredible blue dress... And I knew I was in love. But all favoritism aside, is Wang really the right man for the job?
We know he's got talent, and I can't deny that whatever he puts out on the Balenciaga runway will be really beautiful. But I'm still so unsure of this whole deal, I suppose. I just want Nicolas Ghesquiere back.

Please write your thoughts and opinions, I really want to know what you're all thinking - I know there are a lot of Wang fans who read this blog, but still... Is there maybe another designer who could possibly do a better job? xx


  1. I have mix feelings about Wang, cause I either love what he does, or completely hate it, so...But I'm very curious to see what he'll do at Balenciaga.
    I just wish Nicolas never left...:( You grow up knowing a brand by hand of a certain designer and it's hard to let go of that. Maybe I'm too sentimental about it, but it's true.
    Diana from

  2. I think it may be perfect to relaunch Balenciaga for a younger kind of buyers or may be horrible and destroy Balenciaga's history...
    I hope for the first option

    Moda Descomprimida

  3. No. Nicolas is amazing in what he does, alexander Wang is amazing in what he does too. They both have very different styles and honestly, I don't think, that Alexander could handle it- he already makes 6 collections, he's not gonna make Balenciaga anything new and unique.

  4. Brilliant. Wangs work will be phenomenal regardless and this will push him to do new work with the Balenciaga essence.

  5. Nicolas Ghesquiere is irreplaceable!!! I want him back too!!

  6. Love it!!!

    Enjoy your sunday :)


    Passi da me?

  8. I am waiting on news and his work. He is great. Would you like to follow each other via bloglovin? Nice day.

  9. Love Wang! Think he's perfect for Balenciga! Though some critics say it will be a complete disaster... So time will tell...

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