Tuesday, November 20, 2012

wishlist - comfort clothes

1. Comme des Garcons Play - emblem stripe tee (via)
2. Rag & bone - floppy brim fedora (via)
3. Proenza Schouler - ps1 large, saddle (via)
4. Ray-ban - clubmaster, black (via)
5. H&M - ballet flats, black (via)
6. Current/Elliot - the jean legging, mid rise, black (via)

This evening I spoke to a lovely woman on the train. As the conversation went on, she stated that she doesn't like fashion and asked me what I love so much about it. I explained how for me, it simply could not be explained. It's a natural gravitation I've had since forever, and then I asked her why she doesn't seem like fashion one bit. I mean, to each their own, but fashion is something pretty much everyone deals with on a daily bases. You don't have to be really interested, but how can you simply not like it?
Her point was this - she felt as though she tried so hard but could never come up with clothes that were comfortable, fit her personal style, and were trendy. And she was just over it.
Her answer still has me thinking. Because it was obvious that she had at least some taste, and she was reading the fashion section of the paper so she must know what's up in our world. And then I came up with this little wishlist here.
Casual-comfortable-chic is a thing, and it's becoming more acceptable in the high fashion world. Take a look at Emmanuelle Alt and her fellow French Voguettes (ugh, I know. I'm such a fangirl). They walk from show to show in Paris dressed in dark jeans and loose blouses. Is that not totally easy, and very chic?
Anyways, here's my wishlist. Striped tee, black (legging!) jeans, the everyday bag, the everyday sunnies, a big hat only because it's sunny winter season aka perfect wool hat weather... And most importantly - the black flat. Seriously, the shoe that goes with every single piece in my closet ever.
Perfect for me, casual enough, most definitely comfortable, and quite chic if I don't say so myself....

Thoughts? What does your casual and comfy chic look consist of? xx


  1. I agree with you and these clothes are really chic and look comfortable... I think everydoby must find their own way to equilibrium

    Moda Descomprimida

  2. I think many people are either in love or or at lease dislike fashion because we are always inundated with trends or what celebrity wear on infotainment news/magazines. So, to most of us fashion isn't about its historical evolution, connection to class, politics and even feminism, or simply its immense artistic value. If she took fashion to mean whatever your personal style signifies, she will find her own niche and not care for fading trends.

    I love this look, similar to my everyday comfort at work.

  3. Love everything.:) The Comme Des Garçons Play sweater is a dream. I think I posted a similar one at some point. And I need some flats. It's shame I don't own a pair...

    I'm a big comfort dresser too. Even my heels need to be comfortable. So I keep my outfits pretty simple and then just add some accessories for extra fun. I also like to make a statement with my nails and lips. It can totally change your look.

    And I honestly don't understand people who say they hate fashion. It's like people saying they don't think my boyfriend's hot. Just don't get it!lol

  4. I get her point! Sometimes i just let the comfort side of things take over the stylish side of things. Not that I go out dressed like a slob and say it's for comfort LOL But I'm by no means trendy either! i loved this little selection here! xx


  5. I love the outfit you created! Completely my style.


  6. I like your wishlist! This outfit is what we need for a daily walk!

  7. I want that Comme des Garcon shirt so badly.

    Ava Tallulah

  8. El sombrero y el bolso me parecen fabulosos. Gracias por compartir. Quiero invitarte a ver mi ultimo shooting Wet Girl, muévete a verlo. Besos y besos.

  9. Such a chic Parisian outfit! So strange that she doesn't 'like' it, but I think this outfit would compliment anyone

  10. definitely right for my taste.

  11. Swooning over all of those pieces! :)

  12. these jeans are incredible, i love themmmm!


  13. I totally agree, this is my perfect outfit! ahh I feel like splurging on closet staples is ok? :)


  14. this bag is my best!!


  15. I 100% love fashion, but I also need comfort. I love this outfit. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  16. these may be comfortable, but they are beautiful!
    Want everything! The Proenza is so beautiful :D


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  17. I guess fashion is in our blood!! Comfort is huge for me though....love this outfit for a lazy Sunday :) Wore a similar fedora to lunch last sunday, obsessed with hats at the mo (hide that bad hair day) Great post!

    Mars <3

  18. Love the sunnies !


  19. I am a huge lover of fashion - and I almost always dress casually, with skinny jeans being a staple in most of my looks. I love experimenting with different looks, sure, but I prefer to keep it comfortable and casual most of the time. That's where my fashion sense and style choices tend to gravitate towards!

    I love striped tees. I just purchased a simple long-sleeved black and white striped tee. It was only $1! Thrift stores are amazing, and the possibilities of this look are absolutely endless.

    Love, Fatima (fashionpilgrim)
    Twitter: @fashpilgrim
    Instagram: @fashionpilgrim
    Email: fashionpilgrim@yahoo.com

  20. Great post, I love your blog!