Saturday, November 24, 2012

New In

Let's start with the nail products - (from left to right)
1. Essie - 'skirting the issue' (here), this color is divine. The photo here simply doesn't do it justice.
2. Essie - 'no chips ahead' topcoat (here), I'm basically looking for a cheaper alternative to Dior's topcoat. I haven't actually tried this Essie topcoat yet, but I've heard some good reviews. Will let you know how it gets on.
3. MAC - 'undercover nude' by Carine Roitfeld (here), again this photo doesn't do the color justice. The color is perfection, so easy and light. I'm so glad I caught this before it sold out!
4. MAC - 'russian red' (here), this is actually a re-buy. This is the most perfect red ever. At least for my own skin tone...

And now, the magazines -
1. L'Officiel Italia September 2012 (a surprise favorite. A strong issue, good for anyone's collection)
2. CR Fashion book FW12 (took me forever to track down - so worth it!)
3. Vogue Italia January 2012 (a weird cover, but it's the amazing kinda weird. I love it.)
4. Vogue Italia February 2012 (a favorite cover, was so happy to find it randomly. Couldn't say no)
5. Vogue Paris February 2012 (well, I found it ON SALE. One does not say no to VP on sale. The issue is gorgeous as well)

I usually buy one or two magazines per month... Five is a lot for me, believe it or not. but I am just so pleased, especially with L'Officiel Italia - truly one of the best magazines in my collection.

Anyways, sorry for being quite MIA. I've been battling the flu (yay, winter -__-).
And with Thanksgiving being in the air, still, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to you all. I mean, you come back to my blog time and time again, you leave your opinions and drop some beautiful words, and I still can't get over how absolutely amazing that is. Coming home from college and work late at night, signing on and reading your comments and your own blogs is truly the highlight of my day. So, thanks! Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving, black Friday (what did you get?!?), and a good weekend. Oh, and stay healthy this winter ;) xx


  1. I can't remember when I last bought a fashion magazine! Must be years ago. Now I mostly keep up to date through fashion blogs like yours :)

    How did it go with the parcel? Did it ever reach destination. Would be great if you let me know. Thanks.

  2. The nail products are so great! I see you like to read Italian magazines:) Kisses! xo

  3. Fancy nail polish, miss! The one from Essie looks gorgeous. I usually buy really cheap ones, but they're very good. Usually Portuguese or Brazilian brands and a German one called Catrice.
    And the magazines...Ah the dream! Where do you get them? Online? Let me know. ;)
    Diana from

  4. nice blog :) im following you now with GFC and bloglovin!
    please follow me back

  5. I've wanted the dark red nail polish like your essie, also that MAC looks pretty! xx

  6. great :))
    xoxox have a nice weeknd!
    share the feeling <3

  7. I hope you get better! I love the nail colours you've got, they're so feminine and classic. They'll definitely make you feel better when you're studying or recovering in bed

  8. pretty polishes!

    With Love From Hollywood,
    Fashion Addict LA
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  9. Aw, feel better! At least having the flu gives you plenty of time to catch up on your reading collection you have there...?


  10. I have stopped buying nail polishes, since I have more than 50 (!) but I am definitely planning to get some magazines =)

  11. Love a great polish, curious to know how that Essie topcoat works out. I really love their line. I have to admit that I just download magazines on my ipad now but it works so well. I miss the page turning but this way they are with me wherever I go!

  12. Addicted to magazines! The essie topcoat is great! I got it last week and it has helped my polish last so long!
    Your blog looks great I will most definitely be following you on bloglovin'