Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Michaela Bercu by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue US November 1988

Jennifer Lopez is the latest Vogue US cover girl, and while the actual photo is very beautiful, I wonder why I am still subscribed to the magazine? Mind you, I live in Israel and it is a good $70+ for 12 issues. I am subscribed because I love the magazine and I have felt that the money was well spent, until now.
Jennifer Lopez does not interest me and if I wanted to know about her divorce and such I would be able to read all about it in Us Weekly and People Magazine...
I die for fashion; I am interested in the models, the muses to designers, and the designers themselves.
I want to get inspired by a Vogue cover, like I used to.

The cover posted here - THIS is a Vogue cover. THIS is what it is all about.
Michaela, an Israeli model, was 18 when this cover was shot. This was Anna Wintour's first Vogue cover as Editor-in-Chief. The top is by Christian Lacroix and the jeans are by an unknown brand, which costed $40 at the time.
You can go through the Vogue US cover archive on The Fashion Spot and see the way Vogue used to be - here

I do know that this post will not be changing Vogue or anything like that. But I would like to know if anyone shares these feelings, feel free to comment, I would love to hear from you. xx


  1. Well they don't make things like they used to! I guess it's just part of fashion and media evolving; these days people are now more celebrity obsessed instead of idolising the 'supermodel' of the 80's and 90's.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog :o)

  2. The first cover under Anna Wintour's leadership! It's so gorgoeus!



  3. I agree, sometimes I really dislike who they put on the cover...like Lady Gaga for instance, she does not belong on Vogue...

  4. Ohhh so much to say. I love the fact in this post you commented in regards to how you feel, its quite inspirational and in sighting.

    Gorgeous cover, the model looks happy and real. It's lovely, and admirational.

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    xo elle xo

  5. That old cover is gorgeous. I definitely understand how you feel it'd be great for them to return to the days of old and put more models (and less celebs) back in the mag.

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  8. I agree with what was said above - Really, I think the evolution of Vogue over the years is due to the evolution of mainstream media and their obsession, and it is totally an obsession, with celebrities and every inch of their lives. I agree with you, I do not pick up Vogue to read about someone's divorce.

    Love love love Michaela on this cover. She is just a ray of sunshine with that smile and those gorgeous natural waves!


  9. great post! i agree, i stopped subscribing to vogue a while ago, and tend to get a sporadic deal when they send me a coupon. lately i've felt the same way about glamour. obviously not in the same fashion category, but i used to love their real life fashion spreads and ideas, and now it's just cluttered!
    As girls, it's easy to work in a "pop of color" year round, but especially with the neon and pastel options for spring. However, for guys it can be a little more complicated. Despite Brad Goreski insisting on a "POC" every 30 seconds, most guys are less confident in terms of colored denim and a bold blazer. If you open my guy's closet the predominant color is blue, because it's his favorite color, and closest cousin to the neutral comfort zone of grey/black/navy. Thankfully, designers are making it easy and fun, for guys to incorporate some bright colors into their look in an expressive, and totally masculine way: shoes. Men's shoes have jumped light years in terms of interest and style. Whether they are classic oxfords, old school sneakers, or a casual boot, there is now a colorful option for every occasion.

  10. It is pretty sad how much Vogue has gone down hill; I still purchase it monthly, because that's just how I am, but when comparing it to other magazines, I would so rather choose Elle or Harpers over Vogue. Everything changes over time, I suppose.


  11. I totally agree, Arden!

    Thanks for living a comment, you are very kind!



  12. Totally agree with you dear, and this is a real cover. kisses, KATEFP

  13. I could not agree with you more. I am always delighted to see someone truly invested in the fashion industry grace the cover of Vogue. Not a pop singer or actress. This is lovely, thank you. :)

  14. I agree that they have veared off from their original look and content but still like reading it, even though it was better before!
    Love this cover and Michaela looks stunning,

    Lacey xoxo

  15. I totally agree with you!!!

    This is the kind of Vogue that we like it...




  16. I love your posts! They're so inspiring

    I'm your newest follower! hope to be followed back and thanks for commenting


  17. I completely agree with you! I wantto see fashion, designers, the art of photography and the beauty of the models. I dont need to read about celebritys. I dont care about them!

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  18. yea, it's definitely not what it used to be...and like sonia said fashion and media are evolving, and I feel meshing together. But I wouldn't want to read about celebrities' business either! there are definitely other magazines that cover those stories. I would simply want to look through a Vogue to be inspired by the photos, style, fashions, models...exactly how you feel! and that's so exciting that this cover was Anna Wintour's first vogue cover at EIC!


  19. Qué pasadón de prenda la negra con la cruz, una auténtica JOYA



  20. Lovely post! :X


  21. Wow you really love Vogue, willing to pay 70 bucks :)
    Thanks for sharing this legendary model!


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  23. i definitely agree with you! vogue should be fashion, not hollywood gossip and whatnot. it takes away from the magazine's roots



  24. This is so true. I work at Vanity Fair (in the same building as Vogue) and I was going through Vogue archives the other day.. so much has changed and it's quite sad. It used to be all about the art of fashion, now it's...just not.


  25. I couldn't agree more! All Vogue covers are now so generic, with mainstream celebrities. That is not what Vogue is supposed to be about! Xxx

  26. i AGREE
    the cover is a beauty

    new outfit post - love me pastel love me sweet

  27. i completely agree with you, J Lo on the vogue cover is not what i'd like to see! it seems that the genuine spirit of vogue is gone, letting place to more commercial things. Because it speaks to the mass. But we're not the mass, so anywhere it doesn't have sense.
    I love this cover, thanks for sharing this!


  28. I am in love with that Vogue cover! It's beautiful!

    - Olivia xx

  29. I am totally agree with you!! Jennifer Lopez in the cover of Vogue is not exaclty what do you expect of fashion, she is just in the moment but i don't feel inspiring for her..but it is just my opinion :)
    Btw, this post is very interesting!!
    Lot of kisses
    The Sky

  30. I agree with you! I don't want to see celebs on the cover on that magazine..


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  31. I totally agree with you!
    Great blog by the way too.

    You should check out Australian Vogue, I promise its good!

  32. Such an iconic cover.
    I could not agree with you anymore. I'm so tired of seeing celebrities on covers of fashion magazines! I want real models!!!
    I don't subscribe to Vogue but the ones I subscribe to (Elle, MC, InStyle) are the same way :(
    Thanks for your comment!

  33. I don't buy fahsionmagazines that often anymore, because I'm reading so much about fashion online already and everything is much more up to date.
    You can even find the beautiful editorials online

    But I definitely get your point. Although sometimes I like it when they take a celebrity for the cover photo, but give her a total different look, but that are ofcourse exceptions

    fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

  34. Agree 100% I remember when models were the cover stars, oh how the times have changed.