Thursday, September 29, 2011

Drôle de Dame

The Jewish High Holidays have officially begun, giving me tons of vacation time which would be fabulous had I actually planned something...
A few days ago I watched the pilot for the new Charlie's Angels, and while I have seen Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle before and loved it (with a cast like that who wouldn't?) it hit me that I have never actually seen the original. I found some episodes online, and well.... I am obsessed with those original three angels
Well actually.. (and you can call me a few seasons late with this) I am mainly obsessed with that seventies style of clothing, and styling more than anything.
Here's an editorial from back in February of this year.. I feel like if Farrah Fawcett (May she rest in peace) were doing a high fashion editorial back then promoting herself, the show, and her charactor - this would be it.

(images via fashiongonerogue)
This is Marloes Horst by Mason Poole for Jalouse February 2011

To those who celebrate, hope you all have a fantastic Jewish New Year. Wishing you all a year filled with new opportunities, good times, fab clothes, and peace xx

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our Favorite Barbie

Barbara Palvin by Zoltan Tombor for Elle Hungary October 2011

Um.. Barbara just totally grew up. From the editorial I posted last week featuring her in Elle France - here - it seems like she has aged (in a really good way). Now after seeing her do a more 'grown up' look, I see her as a lot more versatile.. And I love it.
She is an absolute vixen. I love a lot of models dearly, but every time I see this beauty she captures my heart!
I now pronounce Barbara Palvin TOPCOAT's first ever Model of the Moment.
And I must know, who is YOUR model of the moment? xx

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jeans, Yeah!

Natalia Chabanenko by Gil Inoue for Elle Norway August 2011

The last pair of jeans I bought are by Acne and they were bought in Miami, which was over a year ago.
I haven't felt the need for new jeans, especially because the jeans I last bought are amazingly comfortable and seem to look good with everything.
However, I just miss jean shopping. The feeling you get when slipping on a pair of jeans that look fantastic on you and make you feel so great.

Ah, the time has come for a new pair. And since Acne seems to be the only jean brand unavailable in Israel I was hoping you guys would help me find a new brand to try. Any suggestions? All are welcome! xx

Movement and Shape

Nyasha Matonhodze by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Nippon November 2011
Styled by Katie Grand

Well, hello gorgeous! xx

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2012

I must say... Facebook is proving to be the most amazing source for the ultimate fashion week photos! These were found on the Dolce & Gabbana Official Facebook page.

This show is amazing.
The clothes, accessories, jewelry, beauty and the all-star supermodel cast is just so so so amazing.
Watching on live streaming, I was just in awe the whole show.
It seems like in the latest few collections, Stefano and Domenico have been showing us different sides of beautiful Italia and even more beautiful Italian woman.
It's gotten to the point that before this show began I was already thinking of other Italian woman the guys have not yet introduced, wondering what we would be treated to this time. And boy, this season featured a woman to die for!
This show was an absolutely fabulous Italian festival with good food, dancing, and fun. This woman was the one behind it all, she was the one who made the food, was the first to hit the dance floor, and was the one who started the fun. And of course, she kept herself looking as classy and chic as ever, making everyone else wishing they knew her or that they were her!!
Never let down by my favorites <3 xx


Daria Anichkina by Asa Tallgard for Elle Russia October 2011

It's raining, all I want is a big warm coat!
The featured ones are fantastic... xx