Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Today I was asked this - if I could have the full wardrobe (as in no edits) of any blogger, who's would I choose and why.
This question really got me thinking, and I have these photos to serve as an answer.
All photos are from and found via Columbine Smille blog

Your turn - If you could have the full wardrobe of any blogger, who's would it be and why? xx

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

año de nieve

Aline Weber & Kasia Struss by Paola Kudacki for Vogue Spain November 2010

This editorial is the perfect mix of summer and winter, exactly how I feel right now.
What is up with this cold front? Or is fall just coming sooner than expected.
Well, whatever the case - it is time to pull out the knits. Yay! xx

Monday, August 29, 2011

Lanvin Fall 2011 Campaign Movie

This perfected my day!!! Had to share this with you all, xx

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Shoe

Sometimes it's the shoe makes the photo.
It completes the look, and pulls everything together.
Without that specific shoe, the photo simply wouldn't be the same.
So this is just a little post to show some love for those shoes, with some examples from more current issues.
Here are the photo credits --

1. Caroline Brasch Nielsen by Sean & Seng  in 'Cap d'Antibes' - Numéro #125 August 2011
2. Nicole Trunfio by Russell James in 'Unwrapped' - Kurv #24 Fall 2011
3. Dovile Virsilaite by Federico De Angelis in 'For the Sheer Love of Fashion' - Mojeh July/August 2011
4. Barbara Palvin by Eric Guillemain in 'On the streets of Paris' - Vogue Australia September 2011
5. Caroline Brasch Nielsen by Sean & Seng  in 'Cap d'Antibes' - Numéro #125 August 2011
6. Yulia Terentieva by David Bellemere in 'Eternal Values' - Elle Russia August 2011
7. Cara Delevingne by Wendelien Daan in 'A Life Less Ordinary' - M Magazine August 2011
8. Nimue Smit by Meinke Klein in 'New Luxury' - Glamour Netherlands September 2011
9. Raquel Zimmermann by Steven Meisel in 'Giorno e Notte' - Vogue Italia August 2011
10. Anais Pouliot & Sojourner Morrell by Daniel Jackson in 'The Beat Goes On' - Vogue UK September 2011

Enjoy xx

A Journey to the Modern Classics

Fei Fei Sun & Ming Xi by Stockton Johnson for Vogue China September 2011
Featuring looks by Celine

I have been having a little problem for a while now - Fashion Gone Rogue, the site many gorgeous photos (including these) are found, only seems to work on weekends. It is so weird, the site is down all week but works on weekends. Is this happening to anyone else?

I love this editorial. I have always felt that Celine pieces have not been featured enough - and here we have an ed which is all about them. I couldn't be more happy, and you can see why from the clothes, bags, and shoes I am sure.

Wishing everyone connected to Hurricane Irene to stay safe!! xx