Sunday, July 17, 2011

Points Forts

Anna Selezneva by Karim Sadli for Vogue Paris August 2011 

I would like to be honest about Vogue Paris. As you may remember (hereherehereherehere - and that's only half) I was very exited for Emmanuelle Alt becoming VP's EIC. She has done some very beautiful work for VP in the past, and I thought that with her in charge the whole magazine would be epicly beautiful from front to back. 
And I am not saying that VP is NOT beautiful now, I just feel like VP has lost it's special touch.
It used to be when you looked at an image from VP you would know 100% that it is from VP, it was unique without being too different; it was French is all the right ways. But now, looking through VP's August 2011 issue I feel like it's an issue I would expect to be Vogue US's. The unique French-ness is totally gone.
Also there is the use of the same big models over and over again (Lara, Natasha, Sasha, Freja, Arizona,  and more Lara) ... There hasn't been a new, fresh face in VP for quite a while..
It is just becoming boring to me, which is killing me to say, since I am talking about what I still consider to be one of my favorite Vogue magazines.

Thank goodness for this editorial, where Anna S looks unreal. And I am really hoping next issue, September, will be much stronger, more French chic that only VP can do, with some change in models! 

Have a nice Sunday everyone! xx


  1. Isn't that first look just PERFECT?! Love the knit :)

  2. I am very interested in seeing my copy now when i receive it (eventually!) - do love this shoot - it is very inspirational and easy to adapt day to day - there has been a lot of that lately but there hasnt been those OTT borderline shocking editorials that i adored in french vogue - who can forget the extremely young and the wrinkled old last december - contraversial but never dull - great post x

  3. It's true that VP is changing a little , but I think it still looks better than the american version. I like this editorial with Anna^^

  4. amazing inspirations

  5. Great pictures!! Please let me know what you think about the outfits in my latest post.


  6. I never noticed before how cute is Anna, she is definitely not my favourite model but here she looks amazing and very natural.
    Thanks for share.

    see you :)

  7. Thanks for dropping me a note on IFB!

    I love this shoot. It's laid-back yet chic at the same time and there's a nostalgic 80s vibe about it too. Hope to see updates on your views about VP's September issue!

    I'm following you now! :)

  8. so cool, grungy looseness. the oversized chunky sweaters coloured shorts is an awesome mix. I get what you mean on not being distinct enough, and how its so ingrained in its identity that it'd be a shame if they lost it. and hopefully they won't and it will be up from here.

  9. Shes gorgeous"! :)

    She looks good on anything!:)


  10. i completely agree with you on the current quality of paris vogue, it seems so much less whimsical then it used to be. this is a great editorial though!


  11. thanks for your lovely comment :) I have gotten so much inspiritation from countless other blogs including yours! xxxx

  12. really great inspiration here!!

  13. Great editorial - I have a number of these sweaters and I've got some new inspiration for layering them! If only the weather would cool - it will be October b/f I have a chance...

    Thanks for finding me on IFB - I am following you!

  14. Love the unconvetional layering in these pics!