Friday, June 24, 2011

Taking Hold

Photographed by Norman Jean Roy for Vogue US July 2011

Seriously, this is my favorite Vogue US feature in a long time.
I am a clutch person, I am carrying a clutch almost everyday.
I love a good clutch, one that is small enough for me to hold comfortably while having enough space to carry what I need.
And these featured clutches all are now on my wishlist; they ALL have that perfect clutch factor!

Plus the fact that this feature shows these rising IT girls in their own personal style is something so fresh, that I am hugely happy to see.

Happy Friday! xx


  1. aww those cluthes are all really pretty, I like the first one the most!

  2. Like the snake skinned bag, love all the pictures!

  3. Hey :D
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    Do you want to follow each other? :D
    let me know!!

  4. I totally agree - one good clutch can change the day ;) All are beautiful,but I like Balenciaga and Prada the most ;) Kisses!

  5. great photo's absolutely love these photo's!

  6. lets see a picture of you with your american apparel clutch you keep blogging about

  7. I so did a post on this to post later in the week - my fave for a while too!! Loooove a clutch x

  8. ADORE this editorial. It caught me dead in my tracks yesterday when I was flipping through my Vogue. Great blog!

  9. Great photos!!! I love fashion!
    Can you follow each other?