Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In Lungo

Bo Don by Alessandro Dal Buoni for Amica March 2011

I know this isn't connected to the editorial, but I want to hear your thoughts on John Galliano getting fired from Dior!



  1. thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Yours is fab, full of beautiful pictures and a great fashion source.
    Love it---

    I am now a new follower

  2. magnifique, j'adore, et les photos sont superbes, les robes sont vraiment jolies......

  3. loving the last three a lot!!

    and about Galliano...well, I'm afraid there's not much to say...
    If he really said those things (and now that has come out the video of him saying every single word that was written on the newspapers it looks it is sad but true) I cannot respect him anymore neither as person or designer... And I understand Dior fireing him, who would wear clothes designed by such an arrogant racist?

  4. Stunning pictures! Like your blog alot!

  5. Oh what I would give to be on that black sand beach right now!

  6. wonderful pictures im in love with the third image!

  7. Beautiful editorial! Very dreamy.

    As far as Galliano goes (this is all I've been talking about with people today, haha) it's just a shame! I'm disappointed in him for being so flagrantly haughty and for his lack of self control. It's too bad he's so talented and he's tarnished his name :/ But I don't feel bad for him at all, he said some unforgivable things!

    xx shabby

  8. OH very cute pics! I love that feeling of freedom in it. ♥

  9. Gorgeous photos.

    Honestly, I find it sad that someone so talented is so desperately disturbed. I applaud Dior for choosing moral volition over prestige and production.

  10. The last photo is pure epic.

    And i'm actually glad Dior fired him. I mean, bad reputation is bad reputation. Talent is secondary.


  11. Gosh, what gorgeous photos!

    I am very saddened by the incident with John Galliano. A lot of people really look up to him as a designer, and I'm very sad to see him removed from his position. However, I admire Christian Dior for taking a stand on the issue. I'm intrigued to see where Galliano will end up!

  12. This editorial is haunting and magical. I adore it!

    And I'm appalled by Galliano's behavoir. What was he thinking?! Did he really think he could get away with such insults? Especially since Dior just signed Natalie Portman as a spokesmodel. Sigh. I'm glad they fired him. He deserved a huge reality check. :(

  13. Love your blog! Love the editorial pics! a dream!
    As far a Galliano goes...well I saw the clips him saying what he said. Wow! Who knew...scary how sometimes you just don't realize who people really are. Glad Dior stepped up and took action. That type of person should not be applauded. Rewards should be for the good out there.
    Love the blog though! If you get a chance check out my blog!

    XO Carrie

  14. i love the setting!


  15. the simplicity with clean lines and some edge on a darker beach-beautiful. i heard about john galliano and after my initial shock he at the end of the day has to face the consequcnes of his intolerant comments. i dont think his career is by any means over but has redeeming to do