Friday, May 21, 2010


I would defenetly say, Zara is by far one of my favorite stores. I used to think it was because most of the old brands and stored I like do not have stores in Israel... But then I realised that Zara actually has amazing clothes! They follow the trends, set some trends, and don't sell their clothes for so much! So here are some looks from their Spring 2010 lookbook, these were my favorites :-)

(I espp loveeeeeee this dress, I have located it in the Azrielli Zara store, it is mine!)

Ok, so this model is brilliant. Her name is Nina Maria de Raadt I believe.
And besides the dress I have located and am buying Sunday, I would really love every single piece from this lookbook, inc shoes and bags.
Love, love, love Zara!
Have a good weekend everyone!

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