Sunday, December 21, 2014

Elizabeth and James Pre-Fall 2015

Elizabeth and James Pre-Fall 2015

The trendier of brands - I always look forward to EandJ's collections. They just get me, and my obsession with minimalism which isn't too minimal and my love for pieces which are wearable season after season. Oh, and they also get how to make blacks go so well together.
Can we please discuss how chic these all black looks are? How all black is suddenly so laid back looking, and as usual, so slimming. It's all black with an easy bohemian touch - that bohemian touch which MK&A do best. 
This collection also has a very uniform feel to it. I also love the turtlenecks which have officially made a huge comeback in my life. It's very chic. IMO. 
One this I don't fancy too much are the shoes - those Adidas Stan Smiths (are they the official shoes in this collection? Could I please have this confirmed?) are not my favorite of shoes. And I know they have become a huge trend right now, and I do respect that. It's just not my thing. So, if you don't mind, I think I'll wear this whole gorgeous, cool, and relaxed collections paired with last season's pointed flats and boots. xx


Thursday, December 18, 2014

GET THE LOOK: for warmer days

I LOVE this shot of Veronika Heilbrunner in Milan - found while browsing here
Me, sitting here in my double sweater, thick jeans, and leather boots. And then this picture comes along, and I'm like @#$%^. Guys, I really can't wait for springtime. Even throughout the currently gorgeous Tel Aviv winter. Spring is always so exciting.

Let's all vow to start styling simple tees with fun jeans and colorful bags, just for spring? Yes. 

Here's how to get this look: 


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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Band of Outsiders Pre-Fall 2015

Bank of Outsiders Pre-Fall 2015

"How do you make it not summer, but not fall?" - this is the opening quote via WWD's review of the collection, said by Band's designer Scott Sternberg. And it hit me, I mean, duh. How does one really make it not summer and also not fall? What is pre-fall anyways?

I can firstly answer this question personally: pre-fall is the best season there is. It's the beauty of summer - beach days, sunshine - along with the better things about fall - the cool breeze breaking the heat, the beautiful sunsets - all before it gets too cold to enjoy. It's the perfect sweater weather! Sweaters worn with bare legs. Cuffed hems. Healed sandals. Cropped printed suits. Light denim. 

This collection summed it all up quite nicely now, don't you think? This collection is quite groovy, quite fun, light, happy. I tend to often state "this is what I'll be wearing come {enter season here}" but here realistically this is what I will actually wear. The most similar of pieces are in my closet - the sweaters, the jeans, the blazers... And I LOVE that this collection succeeded in inspiring me with what I already have. It's an awesome feeling. 
Negative side is that I won't be actually shopping Band of Outsiders for that very reason (not that I have all the money in the world for it anyways, but you know). What's missing is my desire to have these very exact pieces in my life. But oh well, it's beautiful nonetheless. It's all perfectly done. xx

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

GIFTS for Him (Part 2)

Girls, I hear ya. You requested this post, and here you have it. 
It's actually so hard walking into a store, and not even knowing where to begin when shopping for him. It's jumping from the men's shoe section to the beauty stands thinking; "does he need a new shirt?", "will he like this scent?". 
So why not stay online, and explore these picks? (all my-boyfriend approved)
I realllllly hope this helps. Let me know if yes, or also if no. 
Also, see my previous post on gifts for him (small disclaimer: the sale mentioned has expired already, though other sales are indeed going on so worth the check out anyways)

Happy shopping. xx

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Art Basel 2014

Miami, my beautiful hometown. Art Basel is always when the city is at it's best.

Similar to fashion week, the glorious art continued in the streets. And the street style is always good in Miami, especially in the wintertime when a bikini or jeans can work at the same time of day. 
That Miami winter is absolute perfection, and not to rub it in or anything, I'll be there in a month's time ;-)

Art Basel was special this year, and especially star studded. I'm afraid the appearance of Kim K and Miley has become a big part of the art week, but it also takes away from what you really should be there for. Among highlights were Ryan McNamara's 'ballet about the internet' which I would love to see one day...

Feelings on Art Basel? Oh, do share! xx

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oliver Peoples Eyewear

photos via

Oliver Peoples, I admire that they make glasses that are truly cool enough to wear. I mean, I've been wearing glasses since forever and it does suck sometimes, therefore I love how this brand can help overcome that suckiness and make wearing glasses chic and oh-so-flattering. And for those of us contact wearers/perfect eye-sighters: they also happen to do the best sunnies! (please see picture above of Bambi Northwood-Blyth wearing the 'Reigh' sunnies). 
Bottom line, if I could have any Chrismakkah gift this year, it'll be a new pair of specs and sunnies. 

Oh, and now I feel like I big up Oliver Peoples all time time, but their stuff really is great quality... Good quality, sadly, is hard to come by in glasses. One day I'll tell you guys how my Armani glasses broke as I was wearing them, and the Fendi frames I once had actually melted in the Floridian sun, while in an air conditioned room *sigh*. 
(And I want to mention, that I am NOT in any way sponsored by them - though dear Oliver Peoples rep potentially reading this: sponsorships are welcome!) 

What is your go-to eyewear brand? I'd love to know!

Shop Oliver Peoples eyewear here. xx

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