Sunday, November 23, 2014

LINKS: Thanksgiving




(I know this is coming a little bit early this year, but I need you guys to be prepared with these links ;) )

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I absolutely adore this time of the year, a time where we take a second and stop, say thanks for all we have.

So.... Thanks guys! Thanks for reading, listening, speaking your minds. 
I'm thankful for your originality, your fashion taste, and for inspiring me every single day. 
Not sure what I'd do without this blog, so I'm thankful for that too. 
Wishing you all a happy and wholesome holiday season. May you enjoy this time. xx

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Resort 2015

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Resort 2015

I've been meaning to post this collection forever. 
You guys already know of my strong love for anything Preen - each individual collection being a big highlight for me come collections time. 
And I just want to further mention, that if I in any way were to become an it-girl right this minute, this is the collection I'd be living in. xx

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Uniform Series: Boots

I have this theory - if my feet are warm I'll be just fine during winter, making the boot one of the biggest must haves for the season.  Does anyone else have this? You must try if not!
Now, I'm not sure if to invest or not when it comes to winter boots. A coat, of course! But your boots should be good quality enough to keep you warm and dry, however these boots do go from season to season in my opinion. I always end the winter with an almost destroyed boot. How do you feel about this? xx

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Monday, November 17, 2014

LOOK OF THE DAY: weekend

Jacket: H&M, similar here | Tee: Zara | Jeans: GAP | Flats: Zara, similar here (on sale!) and here | Specs: Caroline Lemke, similar here

Omg guys, I'm actually doing a personal style post! My first one of 2014! Which is quite exciting but also sad, because some of you may remember my 2014 new year's resolutions (11 months ago) stating that I'm going to do more personal style posts. This actually took me forever, and at that I am quite annoyed. 

Nonetheless, this look was not planned. I honestly wanted to show off a bit with my first personal style post in forever, and it didn't really work out this time. But this look definitely is accurate - it's what I wear almost every weekend when just off for a meet with friends, etc. It's easy going, always featuring my favorite flats.

The location is a special one - these photos were taken on the back end of Rabin Square in Tel Aviv. A very special place you can read about here


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Saturday, November 15, 2014

SATURDAY BAKING: Hot Cocoa Cookies

Found on Pinterest, original recipe and images via Glorious Treats

So, the idea of this cookie excites me more than you know! This is a cookie I always get when I'm out, but never before made. And since I'm on some type of fab successful baking streak, pressure is on! I'll let you all know how it turns out once I make them - I'm sure I'll be tweeting about it. xx

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Zara Winter 2015

Zara - the only store I need to go by. It's sad actually, that I have a harder and harder time shopping anywhere else. But I suppose that's the incredible success story belonging to Zara as a company!
I absolutely love that suited look; the trouser details are amazing. And I also love that I already own the blazer, it makes me buy less and my bank account is happy (or as happy as it can be as long as Zara exists in this world). In addition, I'm loving the strong menswear inspiration throughout the whole store right now. My latest buy being an amazing doctor's bag , I am also loving the shoes and necklaces.
What are your thoughts on the new releases in clothes, shoes, accessories? xx

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Uniform Series: Skirts

1. Vero Moda - Scuba Skirt, black
2. Karl Lagerfeld - 'Hadley' Mohair Blend Skirt, burgundy
3. H&M - Wrap Moto Skirt
4. Carven - Tartan Wool Skirt
5. Giambattista Valli - Polka Dotted Jacqard Mini Skirt
6. Christopher Kane - Lace Trim Crepe Mini Skirt

Ok, I know it's getting colder so feel free to layer these over your tights. Skirts are where my daily uniform gets all feminine, this is where I also like to incorporate colors and prints.
Investing is not mandatory, though look to Giambattista Valli, Christopher Kane, Missoni, Carven, Isabel Marant for inspiration. I promise when mashing all of this inspiration together, you will not be disappoint xx

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