Saturday, May 23, 2015


It's because I've taken the weekend off, hehe. Image via
Straight into business:

- I made these brownies, and then I froze them. They don't get rock hard; they are more like a very cold chocolate treat and it's the BEST. I'm so happy to have found this recipe, now my go-to.
- Since it's around 100 degrees out (F) (omg!), I've been moving from my usual cappuccino to an iced coffee. I've been following this iced coffee recipe for the past week in the office successfully (yes, it's really easy enough to make at the office!): 1 short espresso, 1 equal part cold water, 1 tsp sugar, and low fat milk. Put in little glass bottle and shake. See the final product here.
- I've just ordered this dress from ASOS! I love it, and can't wait to wear it to one of the summer weddings coming up!
- Nail polish of the week? It's all about some deep red vibes: essie's Double Breasted Jacket. A fall color, but whatevs! It's gorgeous.
- Mad Men is over. (#ommm) thoughts on the episode? Feel free to contact me via email (ardenrubens (at) gmail (dot) com) to further discuss! Also, see this link showing how Freddy Rumsen may have just foreshadowed the ending in the start of the season. Too weird and cool.
- Summer concealer? I'm about to try this Clinique one.
- I'm actually up in northern Israel this weekend for a wine festival! It's (sometimes) amazing getting out of the city for some fresh air (especially when wine is involved). Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for more updates!

What are you up to this weekend? xx


Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Photos by Steven Winston (he's new on Instagram! Go say hi!)

SHIRT: Zara (similar: Baldwin Denim | Snap Button Shirt)
JEANS: H&M | Skinny Low Jeans
BAG: Coach (similar: Diane von Furstenberg | Leopard Print Cross Body Bag)
SHOES: Sole Society (similar: Dolce Vita | Lace Up Sandals)
SUNGLASSES: Castro (similar: J Crew | Illesteva Round Sunglasses)

The weather isn't quite hot, nor cold. So... I get to wear a long sleeved shirt and sandals! Yes!
Plus, denim and denim.  I'm still on that trend.

These were taken one Saturday in Kerem Hatemanim (Yemenite Quarter), Tel Aviv. A pretty place with lots of gorgeous alleys, the coolest street art, cute cafes and street food spots. Recommended on weekends. xx


Sunday, May 17, 2015

How To Increase Blog Traffic

Photo via CamillaMayer, found here

Let's face it: higher blog traffic makes blogging that much more fun. It creates a dialog - the engagement, successful collaborations, and finally, higher income. I'm asked often how I keep my blog traffic up, and I have to admit something: six years on the scene and I still have my slow times. I still struggle here and there. The competition is as stiff as ever, the blog world is changing with the times. That's why I'm always Googling what's new and am updating myself with what the blogger trendsetters are up to. And that's just how I open my mornings! Beyond that, there are a few more rules I follow religiously to improve and increase blog traffic, here they are:

Content - the core of blogging. This is where you express yourself, and the *real* reason your readers keep coming back. When it comes to content, please don't ignore SEO. Search Engine Optimism. A term which has become somewhat annoying (at least for those of us working in content marketing), but SEO rules must be integrated deep into our writing style. (Why? Google. That's why.) Write fully and from the heart. We're all totally guilty of those quicky-posts (especially me). But you owe amazing content to your readers and especially to yourself. The feeling of finishing a stellar article and then receiving mind-blowing feedback is priceless. 
As much as I hate admitting it, my weakness in content and creating blog posts is coming up with really great headlines. It's important to realize that most people only read the headline and then proceed to skim the rest of the post. A good headline is everything, and it's recommended to really take your time with writing it A great tip: try thinking of what/how someone would Google the topic you are blogging about.
Keep active on social media and be constantly updated on what's happening in the (fashion) world. Be open to changing your editorial calendar when breaking news occurs (like a designer leaves, your favorite celebrity wears something insane, the latest collection is too good – it must be shared). Sticking with the times is the best way to get your content shared too, as that's what everyone's talking about!
Don't forget to research thoroughly and properly source – and admit if you've made a mistake in the past. Credibility is very important. Finally, don't forget to write in your own voice – forgetting their voice is the worst thing a blogger can do. So, don't.

We're all a part of this community – the fashion blogging community. It's probably the most gorgeous community online, I should add. And what should we do when we join a community? We network! Comment on other blogs, say hi and reply to their posts (yes, I mean a comment a bit more than "hi. Nice blog. Follow me *links* xoxo").
A lot of bloggers are very talented and innovative – you have a lot to learn from your peers in the game. Guest blogging and "sharing an audience" is an amazing way to increase your traffic while also increasing another blogger's traffic. Hosting a mutual giveaway is another awesome way to increase traffic, and again, this is true for the other blogger as well. 
Reaching out to bloggers can also be done through Independent Fashion Bloggers (if you're not already a member, please become one!).
Be active on social media platforms, most importantly Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus. Post updates (with photos - they attract attention) when a new post goes up, in addition to sharing ideas and things you like with your readers. I have readers who were first Twitter followers before moving on to my blog  - the best example I have of the importance of being awesomely yourself and sharing blog posts on social media. 

Guys, that pretty much covers it. I know it may seem like a lot to some but also like just a bit to others. This is what works for me for now, but I'm more than happy to hear what is working for you! Please share in a comment! xx


Also, I'm just going to say - I'm very open to blogger collaborations! If you have anything in mind, don't hesitate to email me xx

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dior Resort 2016

Photos via

Bonjour Cannes! This beautiful time of year has officially and happily arrived. The festival with my favorite red carpets, the best parties, and most importantly, the best of cinema. 

I'm not sure if Cannes 2015 was officially opened with Raf Simons' Dior Resort 2016 runway show, but I'm accepting this in my book. The venue is just in the hills above the Bay of Cannes, at Pierre Cardin's Bubble Palace - per usual, a visually pleasing venue. And the collection itself embodied this location so well, the shapes and silhouettes were all there. 

The show opened with these great plaid and gingham skirts, shorts, and frocks. All kilt like, but paired with stunning tops and detailing, all shaped brilliantly. I'm left needing peplums and curved hems, sculpted jackets and voluminous knits all in my life. 

I love when Raf gets all architectural with Dior. And I love when he mixes the architectural pieces and details with a very relaxed, on-vacation vibe.  The models in this collection all seemed a bit sun kissed (but not too sun kissed - it's the beginning of summer after all), with the wind permanently in their hair. The footwear came as easy going booties and leather flip-flips (gah, I know. Flip-flops at Dior). This is just all so amazing.  

This brings me back to Cannes and what I love so much about the concept. It's a place of chic ease. But a modern chic ease. A relaxed glamour, where there simply is no room for worries whatsoever. Raf brought all of this, and made me believe even more, that Cannes is magic like that.  

Thoughts on this collection? xx


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Saturday, May 9, 2015

WISHLIST: Date Night

1. RED by Valentino | Black Crepe Dress (budget option: H&M | Sleeveless Black Dress, $35)
2. Balmain Resort 2015 | Embroidered Leather Clutch (budget option: ela Handbags | Lipstick Stud Clutch, $60)
3. Gorjana | Shimmer Triangle Double Stud Earrings, $65
4. Larsson & Jennings | Saxon Gold-Plated Leather Watch, $335
5. OPI | Can't Find My Czechbook, $9
6. Kate Spade | Walk On Air eau de parfum, $75
7. Dolce Vita | Cymbal Dress Sandals, $149 $67

Oh yes, I'm going there. It doesn't matter if you're already in a relationship, if you're dating to find that relationship, or if you're dating for fun - this is the perfect date outfit, based on my own and my friend's opinions put together.

Dress for yourself when you go on a date. Please wear what you want and not what you think he'll/she'll want. And I know that is easier said than done, but try anyways!

I'll wear a dress. And it'll be that dress I ALWAYS feel good in (a crepe black dress. Not too short, but still shows off my legs). Accessorize, and don't not-accessorize just because of that stupid belief that guys don't like it. For me, the perfect accessory is the handbag or clutch - and while I don't own this insane Balmain one - I do think red and embellished works so well. I am loving this mid-chunky heel right now - it's also so comfortable! (yes, I actually own these Dolce Vita babies, and can vouch for them 100%).

What do you wear on dates? Did I get it right? xx


Thursday, May 7, 2015


CONTRAST // Photo via Sleepless Dreams
Guys, it's been a few weeks since my last LINKS post and I do have a few updates:

- I interviewed Gal Halfon, one of my FAVORITE designers for The Culture Trip. Read it here.

- My nail polish of the week is essie's Fiji - and this comes after a full week without nail polish! In short, my nails have been looking quite dull, and I soaked my nails every day for a week to revive them. This is my lesson to never ever paint my nails without a great base coat! Have you ever done a nail detox before?

- In foodie news, last weekend, my roommates and I hosted a dinner party. And my roommate made this insanely delicious General Tso Cauliflower - you must try it. Next on my list is this cherry banana bread (I'm actually saying this without checking if cherries are in season - cross your fingers for me).

- As my hunt for the perfect collection of dresses-to-wear-to-those-summer-weddings, I found this one and this one. Didn't order any yet as I need another opinion. Thoughts?

- Is anyone a graphic designer? Or working with graphic designers? Well, I work with them daily. Here is some inspiration I find helpful when I want the loveliest text-on-image design.

- My current blogger crush is Melanie at Me & Mr blog. I mean, this blog is perfect... with the travels and food and the rest of that good stuff!

- I've been dying for the sandwiches (and doughnuts!!) at Cafe Habima, Habima Square/Bnei Zion Blvd, Tel Aviv. I've concluded that the best sandwich breakfast is their mozzarella and artichoke sandwich, and/or their jambon with bacon sandwich followed by the cinnamon bun doughnut. TRY IT.

- The perfect flared jeans, short girl approved.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Best Dressed at the MET Gala 2015

Diane Kruger in Chanel Haute Couture

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture

Behati Prinsloo in Tommy Hilfiger

Bee Shaffer in Alexander McQueen

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in vintage John Galliano for Dior

Photos via

Quicky post to show the amazing, stunning, beautiful looks from last night's MET Gala red carpet. 
Who is your best dressed? xx