Friday, April 17, 2015


A Danish breakfast, via / found here

Oh, sweet weekend... how happy I am to have you (as usual).

- I'm having a big moment with breakfasts right now. On this weekend's schedule we have The Rothschild Hotel, Tel Aviv. And I'm looking forward to hosting a Danish breakfast one day (see picture above) - the concept is right up my alley. Don't forget to follow my foodie adventures on Twitter and Instagram!
My blog love of the week goes to Gina at Pink Wings - she has some of the BEST (and easiest) DIY posts, like this one.
- Back to the foodie-ness, I had a HUGE Pinterest-found-recipe success with this recipe, for delicious and easy garlic honey chicken! yum. and more yum.
- My beauty product of now has to be Bobbi Brown's Sheer Finish Pressed Powder... for one of the best finishes. Ever.
- I'm currently shopping for dresses I can wear to summer weddings. I'm now between this and this. What will you be wearing for those summer weddings?
GAME OF THRONES (all hail Khaleesi and her Givenchy-like dresses)
The article that will make you feel better about not being at Coachella.

Wishing you all a stunning weekend. Enjoy the weather (if you can). Eat well. xx


Thursday, April 16, 2015

GET THE LOOK: White Jeans

Wait, not only are they white... They are also meant to be destroyed! This trend may be one of those "trends-I-love-but-won't-actually-wear" for me. But I will try my best to make this work anyways.
Here's how I'll get this look:

(or we could easily dig into our closet and break out those gorgeous Zaras we all have!)

Thoughts? Is this is a yes or no trend for you? xx


Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Model: Hilary Rhoda
Photographer: Bruno Staub
Fashion Editor: David Vivirido
Vamp Magazine Summer 2015

Your daily dose of inspiration. xx


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Cyprus Photo Diary

Pool of the Alasia Hotel, Limassol
The winding streets of  Oikos Marathasas

The (random!) snow on Torodos Mountains
The Port of Limassol

A town off of Mount Olympus

Cyprus. It was my first time on the island. And it was only a short, sweet weekend trip. But it was really amazing and full of great discoveries.
Discovery #1: the hotel. Alasia Hotel is in the middle of Limassol, and is home to the most incredible spa. 
Discovery #2: The old towns are something I thought only existed on Pinterest (well, not only, but you know...). They are insanely picturesque, so quiet and peaceful. My highlight was exploring them. 
Discovery #3: SNOW (in March). I suppose "snow in March" is quite a normal thing for most people. But as it was only my second time seeing snow, and I packed for a sunny-ish getaway (I was wearing sandals). I thin I should also point out that (due to my footwear choice) that photo was taken from the heated car. 
Discovery #4: Limassol Marina. Very similar to Jaffa Port, the old city is filled with the coolest buildings, surrounding this perfect emerald water. 
Discovery #5: With a name as epic as Mount Olympus, you know it's going to be awesome. It's also stunning - the best views in Cyprus. 

Have you ever been to Cyprus? Tell me about it! xx


Friday, April 10, 2015


Constance Jablonski by Liz Collins for Glamour, via

Oh, sweet Friday. So happy to have you back with us.
It's been a fun week though, Passover took over Israel and though I was still working throughout, there was a nice holiday vibe in the air. Also, it's 100% sandal and shorts season. Tel Aviv's beaches are packed.

I'd like to try this new feature now, obviously inspired by Lauren Conrad's Friday Favorites feature.
Every weekend I'll share my favorite links of the week. A collection of fashion, blogs, products... Different things I come across and fall in love with during the week.

Honest thoughts on this?
(Whatever they may be, enjoy this trial post anyways x)

1. Ever since this post, I'm obsessing over these espadrilles. (me + espadrilles = a first)
2. I switched nails twice this week (yet another first) from essie's Tart Deco to essie's Bikini So Teeny. I'm really not sure which one I love more. Or maybe it's the fact that spring colors are finally acceptable.
3. Passover called for flourless brownies. Recipe here.
4. I love J. Crew tees, and I love them more when they're on sale. here and here.
5. I came across Samantha Mariko's blog this week and am just wondering what took me so long. I love seeing life in Tokyo through her eyes.
6. Man Men. Can't even believe we're almost at the end. Let's discuss conspiracies!!!

Have a great weekend!! xx


Monday, April 6, 2015

GET THE LOOK: spring

Yes, sweet spring is here. I love this season, sweater weather dominates! xx


Saturday, April 4, 2015

INTERIORS: Decor Pillows

Going through a pillow thing... Shop some of my favorites here: