Wednesday, October 1, 2014

PFW - Valentino SS15 RTW


Valentino Spring/Summer 2015 Ready-To-Wear

Before the show, Pierpaolo and Maria stated "We went back to the idea of Italy". After the show, I know I had died and gone to Valentino heaven. 

The concept behind this 70+ look show was a Grand Tour throughout Italy; it was like a beautiful tribute to the land. There were phases throughout the show. We had rich embroidery, white crochet, rainbow knits, cut leather, structured linen, layered crepe and silk, and the signature Valentino print.

The show started with a very dark look, with this beautiful embroidered, patterned navy blue apron dress. The look was dark, but it so worked for spring (in a very unconventional way).  There were also a lot of simpler looks, which worked well with the most divine oversized handbags. 

I also admire Valentino's deep connection to sheer. The sheer gowns always make an appearance and they always impress me because I can't classify the dress as obviously sexy, or too revealing - even though it's both. The dresses are done in the softest and most elegant way. Here they are everything promised but with an 'ocean' touch - the starfish and coral print so beautiful indeed. 

I'm not even going to mention the shoes. The pictures speak for themselves (#OnMyWishlist - BIG time).

Another collection consistent with the fairytale that Valentino belives we should indulge in. Again, we see broderie, beading, lots of lace, mixing of prints, and luxurious colors. It's so regal and has such a deep story behind it. It's a story we'll know once we put on one of those dresses ourselves. xx

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

PFW - Vanessa Bruno SS15 RTW


Vanessa Bruno Spring/Summer 2015 Ready-To-Wear

Like Band of Outsiders, hearing that Vanessa Bruno would not show her collection on the runway was quite devastating at first. And maybe it's that 'end-of-fashion-week' vibe talking here, but I love Vanessa's vision as a lookbook so much that the no-show doesn't bother me at all.

Now, there are very few moments when I will approve the wearing of "Sperry" or "frat boy shoes".
One of these instances is here, at Paris Fashion Week. ONLY a real Parisian designer could take something very American that I hate, transforming it into something I almost love (as long as worn with all other chic Parisian clothing). So, kudos.... I guess.

Have you ever worn something Vanessa Bruno? Because I'm not so sure any image or online store description will properly explain how good the quality is. So soft and well done. Vanessa makes the kinds of amazing clothes I could live in (seriously). That simple black dress is a highlight, the cut is so so so beautiful. And those flower appliqué skirts are divine, perfect for those menswear shirts tucked in and layered under your boyf's blazer.

This is a collection I'm excited to shop. xx

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Monday, September 29, 2014

PFW - Chloé SS15 RTW


Chloé Spring/Summer 2015 Ready-To-Wear

The great Gaby Aghion, Chloé's founder, passed away on Saturday. This collection is dedicated to her. 

When Aghion showed her first collection, it was from a location that was popular with the French artist and classic boheme. It is believed that Chloé's association to the bohemian culture is just by chance because of this. But as they say, everything is for the best. Aghion kept this chic, relaxed, easy-going, and effortless elegance to all of her clothes throughout her time, inspiring a lifestyle. After Aghion retired, a long list of great designers took charge of the design (famously, Karl Lagerfeld, Pheobe Philo, and Stella McCartney).

Clare Waight Keller, the brand's current designer made this collection with Aghion clearly in mind - this collection is symbolic of everything Aghion wanted the Chloé girl to be about. Very spiritual, authentic, effortlessly gorgeous. This meant loose and flowing silhouettes; short hems, sweatshirts, loose denim. Everything is so filled with air! It's so fresh. And the best part is that this collection is the fabric, which could have belonged to your grandma. It looks like Keller took this very fabric and made something so modern out of it, right for a weekend getaway or for just coffee at the local place. xx

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

PFW - Isabel Marant SS15 RTW


Isabel Marant Spring/Summer 2015 Ready-To-Wear

Marant has spoken: the new bohemian is biblical. Cue Jesus sandals, wide tied belts, and traditional fabrics.
Marant gained a lot of inspiration from Africa this season, and mixing it with her signature boho, indie festival clothes is proving to still be fresh, clean, easy, and very modern.

There are a lot of graphic prints, a lot of earthy tones, and even puka shells in the accessories... Significantly down-to-earth, even for a Marant girl. But it's obvious that this spring she will connect with nature, and the earth. Again, with the nature trend passing along consistently through each fashion week, hitting the best collections. xx

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

PFW - Christian Dior SS15 RTW


Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2015 Ready-To-Wear

Q: Is it too much to say that Raf Simons designing for Dior is the best thing that happened to the brand? I know Galliano was a genius, but whenever I think about him, it's always in a past-tense; he "was", he "did", he "achieved". The future stands with Raf, and this collection proves further proves it.

Loving that the show was from the Louvre, where Marc Jacobs traditionally held Louis Vuitton. This is huge! Two of Paris' biggest; these companies have been dancing around each other for ages, and now they're even swapping locations.
But the best thing about this runway is that it completely seemed to disappear... According to, the runway was just a mirrored silver box, placed in the center of the courtyard so the walls reflected on it, playing with the architecture and making the location itself almost dissolve into itself... *awesome*

The clothes and accessories themselves where an epic mash of the past and future of Dior, again very symbolic. The start of the show brought us great rib-wear (I love me a good ribbed top), which were paired with gorgeous, shaped skirts and beautifully tailored trousers. Reminiscent of underwear from a different time. So much beautiful details, embroidery, the cuts.... This collection is everything Raf is good at, and what he does time after time. But it still looks fresh. And so futuristic... Dare I even say... "Dr. Who".

Ah, I know I'm coming off as such a fan girl - but what can I say? Raf, you rock my world. Bravo. xx

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