Monday, March 2, 2015

MFW: Marni AW15 RTW

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Marni Autumn/Winter 2015 Ready to Wear (Backstage) at Milan Fashion Week

There are some collections which are simply made for this backstage shots. 
Really, I liked (not loved) this collection, but it's these backstage moments captured with the models wearing the clothes and accessories which really sold it to me. xx


Sunday, March 1, 2015

MFW: Emilio Pucci AW15 RTW

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Emilio Pucci Autumn/Winter 2015 Ready to Wear at Milan Fashion Week

Guys, Peter Dundas is leaving Pucci - this collection is said to be his last.
It's rumored that Dundas will take over at Roberto Cavalli (amazing) and Matthew Williamson is said to be top pick to take over at Pucci (brilliant). While, not always a fan of these constant creative directors, I think this change is positive. Dundas may have shaped the Pucci girl we know today, I think he'll do incredible work elsewhere (Cavalli!) and fresh blood and a new take on Pucci will be interesting and exciting (Williamson!).

Would love to know your thoughts on this change! (?)

Dundas was obviously looking to the future with this collection, and the zodiac influences (which I love) almost seem to be a sign that Dundas himself may be in search of guidance - unless he already found it and is simply thanking the stars. Either way, we thank Dundas.  
I also find it important to mention that there was no classic Pucci print in this collection, in addition to the bohemian signature being put on the back burner. A change for Pucci indeed. xx


Saturday, February 28, 2015

MFW: Giamba AW15 RTW

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Giamba Autumn/Winter 2015 Ready to Wear at Milan Fashion Week

Giambattista Valli gave us some of the best frocks I've ever seen from him in this collection.This is also, perhaps, the most wearable collection Giamba has ever done (for me, at least). And yes, I'm saying 'wearable' about a pretty white dress with a leather harness on it. This is a first.
I loved the more traditional 'Valli girls' dresses as well,with the incredible floral details as only Giamba knows how to do. The colors are perfection. The mountain-y landscapes are an equally beautiful change in direction. 
Suddenly, while reading Tim Blanks' Giamba review on, I see this quoted by Mr. Valli: "I just want to inspire girls. They may not be able to afford the clothes, but they can go and do the look, with layered leggings and face tattoos." -- Guys, face tattoos aside, but Giamba is totally doing this for us! This is what I think we all do with most collections, but I'm excited to see a designer, let alone Valli, go right out and admit this. Awesome stuff. xx


Friday, February 27, 2015

MFW: Prada AW15 RTW

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Prada Autumn/Winter 2015 Ready to Wear at Milan Fashion Week

Pastels all around, typical Prada. But this collection had an interesting new twist to it. This collection is almost delicate and light, but with something very tough underneath it all. And especially in the sea of dark fall colors and much black pieces, this collection shines and sparkles. 
Some of the first suited looks remind me of something John and Paul would wear back in the day, but as the collection progressed, the clothes became more lady-like while keeping a tough, almost masculine feel. Lots of tweeds were used in unique ways, making it almost a bit sci-fi for a second. That was nice. I also loved the opera gloves and fur details - very on trend this season. The brooches and jewellery was incredible too. xx


Thursday, February 26, 2015

MFW: Gucci AW15 RTW

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Gucci Autumn/Winter 2015 Ready to Wear at Milan Fashion Week

News broke only a month ago that Alessandro Michele would be replacing Frida Giannini as creative director at Gucci. And the drama aside, I'm still not sure how I feel.
Pros: this collection is really beautiful and beautifully done. I love the long silhouettes and the loose ruffles, embroidery, and fur coats. The suited looks were gorgeous and strong. 
Cons: I wasn't blown away as I expected to be. Maybe my expectations were too high; but if this collection was from Frida, I'd say it was still beautiful but definitely not her best. Yes, I will compare Alessandro to Frida, as they come from the same Gucci culture in the first place - he worked under her for long enough to have her signature stick to him. 

Guys, I would love to hear your thoughts!
How do you feel about this choice of creative director? Do you like this collection? 


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

WISHLIST: Milan Fashion Week

Oh, Milano. Where I feel free to double up blazers and wear funky jewelry.

Excited for N21, Jil Sander, Bottega Veneta, and Prada. You? xx